3 More Pastors Detained in Shandong Province, 43 Leaders Still in Detention

China Aid Association
Press Release
Shandong Province- China Aid has learned that 3 more pastors have been detained in association with the Shandong Province incident, in which police officials detained 270 house church leaders. The number of pastors who are still being held in detention is now at 43. The pastors have been arraigned on charges of holding an “illegal religious gathering”. Officials are now considering sentencing the entire group to labor camp, for reeducation through manual labor.
In early December, the protestant pastors gathered in Hedeng District to read and study the Bible together. Police officials from nearby Linyi City, disrupted the meeting and detained all 270 leaders. The entire group was then handcuffed two by two and forced to march to the Linyi City Police Office. Chinese law allows prisoners to be held for up to 37 days of administrative detention before facing official sentencing. China Aid continues to monitor the situation.
Issued by China Aid Association 1/14/08

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