The 3rd letter to Gao Zhisheng from Geng He

China Aid Association   June 12, 2012  

Photo taken by ChinaAid’s Bob Fu: Gao Zhisheng’s wife and children in Thailand during their flee from China in January of 2009

How have you been? I haven’t received any word from you or any updates on your situation. Is everything alright with you?

I have good news for you! After numerous difficulties and hardships, Guangcheng and his family eventually made it to the US on the 19th. I feel so happy for them! Yet I couldn’t help but think of you. I’m not sure which year it was. It could be 2005, when you, Fan Yafeng and three other rights defenders drove to Shandong Linyi to visit Guangcheng. I remember you all wore a T-shirt with Guangcheng’s portrait on the front as well as sunglasses. You brought a camera with you and went on the trip. A couple of days later, you five people came back with no shirts on by wounds on your bodies. The moment you saw me, you said, “I’m so sorry. I lost our camera.” I later found out as I talked with you that those who guarded Guangcheng beat you up, ripped off your T-shirts, took your cameras and made a few attempts to turn over your car.

Then you lost your freedom and suffered all kinds of torture and inflictions. Ever since you were put inShaya Prison, we have been calling the prison, hoping to talk to you. Only a few words will comfort your heart and soothe my longings for you. But we could never get through on the phone. I want to ask our family members to visit you, but the prison is so far away, and I’m afraid the prison will find a random reason to refuse their visit of you. Not able to hear your voice or get any news about you, I’m in tremendous pain every day and my heart is never settled. This is unbearable. How I wish I was the one locked up in prison because I believe, so smart and capable, you would have got me out quickly.

I asked Hu Jia and Li Jing(GuoQuan’s wife) and other people. They all said that prisoners were allowed visits by their family once a month. They can also call their family 2-3 times a month for three minutes each time. But even this little bit of “humane treatment” is not available to you and me!

What has caused this to happen? I couldn’t figure out before, but gradually I started to make sense of it. Especially from what happened to Guangcheng, I think now I know who was behind all these dirty tricks. In 2005 when our law firm was investigated, the Judicial Administrative Department and the Lawyers Association (involved in it) are both affiliated with the Commission of Politics and Law. Those that stalked us were staff of the National Security Protection Squad. Those at our door were from Xiaoguan Police Station and those in our house were police from ChaoyangDistrict. They were all commanded by the Commission of Politics and Law to persecute us, didn’t they? Now I understand. It was the vile Commission of Politics and Law that committed all these unlawful deeds and vicious acts. It was they that sent a good lawyer like you to prison.

I’d better share some pleasant news with you.

Here’s some good news: Gege was admitted by a very good university which offered her some scholarship. If she takes a tutorial class during vacation time, she’s likely to get more scholarship, so she willingly signed up for it. In a short time, she will leave home for school. She’ll transition to college after finishing the tutorial class and very soon she will live a life of independence.

I also entered a community college this year. Tianyu is taking some interest classes. We all try to stay busy so that we won’t be preoccupied with worries about you. In my busy life I often exclaim: how times flies! But then I’ll think about you living each day as if it was a year. Then I’ll start feeling worried and anxious again.

When I go shopping with our daughter, I can’t help wandering to men’s wear section for a look, thinking to myself, “This piece will look good on you.” I wonder if I should get it for you, and then I’ll think, “I’ll just wait. I’ll buy it for you when you come out.” Our daughter would say, “Let’s get it and save it for dad! He can wear it when he comes out.” But I’m not interested in buying anything for myself.

Guangcheng’s success in gaining freedom gave us hope and encouragement. I’m writing this letter to tell you that I will never give up on your freedom. I trust you will never give up either. I will never stop writing to you to encourage you as well as myself. In spite of the numerous difficulties and hardships, we shall not give up. We shall persistently fight for freedom as Guangcheng did.

Take care!

Geng He

May 20, 2012

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