4 Christians in Zhejiang Province Detained for Distributing Gospel Flyers

China Aid Association
(Zhejiang- March 4, 2008) CAA has learned that on On January 31, 2008 public security officials detained 4 Christians for distributing Gospel flyers at a local bus station. The incident occurred at 10:00 PM in the General Bus Passenger Station of Taizhou which is within the border of Jiazhi Neighborhood of Jiaojiang.

The christians whose names are: Ruan Lingling, Ruan Lili, Wang Xia, and Ye Liping were distributing Gospel flyers when they were forced to stop by Public Security Bureau officials. At 2:00PM officials from the Bureau of Religion and the Homeland Security Defense Brigade transferred the believers to the Jiaojiang District Police Station. At 12:00 midnight the 4 Christians were forced to sign documents stating that they “endangered the society and illegally distributed flyers in the name of religion.” Ruan Lili, Ruan Lingling and Wang Xia each received five days and Ye Liping received six days. Officials also illegally searched the home of Shen Xinhan, a Taiwanese compatriot of the believers, seizing three large bags of flyers, Christian books and discs. Police have refused to give a list of seized objects or receipts.
CAA will continue to monitor the situation.
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To view a personal testimony of the incident
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To view the official Taizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Decision Statement
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Issued by CAA March 4, 2008

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