60 Henan Neixiang Christians Arrested, One Severely Injured

February 22, 2010

HENAN–For many women, a husband’s profession is simply a means of support. For the wives of Chinese house church pastors, their husband’s work can lead to devastating pain and physical suffering. For Chen Hailan, wife of Pastor Guo Quanyou, it meant broken vertebrae, a concussion, and paralyzing pain. On October 19, 2009, sixty Christians were holding a time of worship and fellowship at Pastor Guo Quanyou’s house in Neixiang. At about 10:00 AM, 18 local police besieged the house and arrested and interrogated the Christians. The police charged them with “disturbing social orders under the name of religious activities” and put five brothers into ten-days administrative detention each and imposed a fine of several thousand RMB.
 Chen Hailan continues to suffer headaches and back pain from her injuries. Her husband Guo Quanyou was sentenced to one year Re-education through Labor.
On October 30th, the Neixiang police station increased the punishment of the church leader Guo Quanyou, enhancing his sentence to one year Re-education through Labor and a 2,000 RMB fine. When the police came to brother Guo’s home to arrest him, they brutally pushed Guo’s wife Chen Hailan to the floor. The impact caused a concussion and broken her “12th vertebra”. Chen Hailan continues to suffer from severe migraines, and can barely move her back from the pain.
China Aid condemns this attack on the innocent Neixiang Christians, and demands to know how a peaceful Christian gathering in a home can “disturb the social order.” We urge the Neixiang police to release Guo Quanyou, who is still being held, and to redress the fines and physical grievances against the Guo family.
We call on the international community to pray for the house church in Neixiang, Henan province, and for the release and healing of Guo Quanyou and his wife Chen Hailan.

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