70 Remain in Custody after Massive Detention in Shandong Province

China Aid Association
December 14, 2007
China Aid has been informed that of the 270 protestant pastors who were arrested in
Shandong province in early December for participating in a group Bible study, 200 have now been released. 70 pastors are still being held in connection for what PSB officials have labeled “an illegal religious gathering”.
In early December the House
Church leaders gathered in Linyi’s Hedeng district and were participating in a group Bible study when police raided the house and detained all 270 participants. Police also arrived in armored trucks and prevented anyone from leaving the area. 120 Christians were eventually released after paying a 300 Yuan (US$ 40) “interrogation tax.” The PSB later released 80 of the pastors under the same stipulations.
We urge those concerned to continue to pray for the safety and health of those still being held.
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Issued by CAA on December 14, 2007

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