A Beijing House Church Seminar Raided by Police

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(Beijing—Mar. 01, 2013) It is learned that at about 4:30pm February 25, a police officer from Nanhu Police Station of Chaoyang Branch of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau suddenly broke into a residence in Wangjingxi with a police identification card (Chen Guoqing. Police No. 033526). He demanded to book the ID information of all the people there attending a seminar on house churches. He claimed that “police officers have the right to enter any home to book the information.” When his demand was rejected, he threatened to haul all the people present to the local police station for interrogation. The seminar continued to be held in spite of the police officer’s interference. The attendants to the seminar were forced to have their personal information booked.

Though the police officer was gentle enough during the whole process in his deeds and words, the citizens whose personal information was booked still want to question this strongly: What legal basis does the police officer have that he can enter any home at will and force the citizens to have their personal information booked? Can such a person be suspected of violating the citizens’ rights to freedom of religious belief and the safety of the citizens’ residence? At least, we are sure of one thing: When a police officer can enter a residence at will for examination, it won’t help the stability of the society. On the contrary, however, it can only aggravate the tension between the citizens and the government and is very harmful to the rule of law and to the building of a harmonious society in China.

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