The Mayflower Church

Adopt A Mayflower Church Family

What a testimony to the Lord that the Mayflower Church arrived in the USA on Good Friday!

Please prayerfully consider spiritually adopting a Mayflower family by making a monthly recurring gift to help cover their immediate living expenses as they settle into life in the USA, and committing to pray for them on a regular basis.

Learn more about the ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ of the Mayflower Church’s.

Moses, Zipporah
Paul & Ruth

Luke, Petrel
Tyler & Ethan

Peter, Lisa 
& Nissim

Johannes, Jenny, Ellen,
Goshen & Canaan

Micah, Lois, Joseph
Hannah, Anna & Andy

& Esther

Titus, Lou, Eva, Edmund,
Lucy, Robert & Timothy

Naomi, Andrew
& Rebecca

Jesse, Jessica, David
Joy, Jonathan & Dean 

Brad, Mila
Mark, Joshua & Monica

Jordan, Phebe
John & Peter

Caleb, Esther
Enoch & Daniel


                         Jonathan, Joyce
                        Samuel & Dorcas  


                                                Mike, Linda
                                           Beth & Jonathan


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