Aliyah: “This Fathers’ Day, my father has been detained 700 days by the Chinese Communist Party”

Aliyah’s drawing, remembering her father on Fathers’ Day. 
(Photo: Hope, Aliyah’s mom)

(ChinaAid—June 25, 2021) On Fathers’ Day, June 20, Doudou [American name, Aliyah], the five-year-old daughter of imprisoned Changsha rights activist, Lawyer Cheng Yuan, said: “My father has been detained 700 days by the Chinese Communist Party [CCP].” Lawyer Cheng’s wife, Shi Minglei (Hope, English name), recounts that the CCP continues to arbitrarily detain “Doudou’s father, my husband, Cheng Yuan.” Hope said that in the past 700 days, her husband had:

  • no access to his lawyers,

  •  no communication with her, nor 

  • any legal rights.

Prior to his unlawful imprisonment, Lawyer Cheng, a Chinese local NGO activist, and human rights defender, fought and advocated for:

  • 100 million Chinese Hepatitis B carriers’ equal job rights.
  • 75 million disabled people.
  • Chinese citizen’s birthrights, regarding ending China’s birth control policy.
  • Six million single child families obtain1500 RMB welfare funds from the huge proceeds the CCP collected/fined from Chinese people. (2030 billion RMB: 3040 billion USD per year).
  • Stabilizing the fluctuating children’s equal education rights.
  • HIV group’s equal rights.

Hope said that the CCP considered all the good things Lawyer Cheng did, however, as threats and used them to arbitrarily fabricate charges against and imprison him.

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Hope shared the following pictures:

Doudou (Aliyah) in the US.
Cheng Yuan with Doudou (Aliyah) in China prior to him being imprisoned.
Changsha rights activist Cheng Yuan in an undated photo.
(Photo: RFA source)

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