All 16 Christians Released From Prison in Henan

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(HENAN — May 24, 2009) On the afternoon of May 9, the remaining 16 Christians from China Gospel Fellowship (CGF) house church group who were imprisoned by the Security Bureau (PSB) in Xinye, Henan province were released early from administrative detention. Even though the prisoners had not completed their sentences of 10-14 days in detention or paid their fines of 1,000 Yuan ($150 US), the officials did not require any other terms for their release. ChinaAid sources said the early release of the prisoners was due to pressure from the international community and meant that, “the government admits what they did was wrong.”
A total of 18 Christians were arrested on April 30 at 3 p.m. when they were gathered for a communion service at a house church in Shuitaizi village, Xinye, Henan province. A dozen PSB officers raided the gathering, and all the house church Christians were arrested and detained in the (PSB) office of Xinye. PSB officers threatened each of them with fines, and re-education through labor. They were charged with “harming the society by falsely using the name of religion and Qi Gong.” When ChinaAid sent out a press release on the incident, two of the Christians were released the same day but 16 were still in prison. Many from around the world prayed and called the Public Security Bureau officials in Xinye to express concern for those arrested and request the immediate release of the prisoners. On the afternoon of May 8, 11 of the Christians were released, and, in a few hours, the remaining five were released.
Read the decision statements for 9 of the sentenced Christians.

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