Andrew Boyd of Release International talks with Pastor Bob Fu of ChinaAid about his one-and-a-half-month forced exile from his home and his current situation

Andrew Boyd on left; Pastor Bob Fu pictured on right. 
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(Midland, TX— Dec, 09, 2020) During a Skype interview with Andrew Boyd of Release International on December 06, Pastor Bob Fu of ChinaAid recounted his one-and-a-half-month forced exile from his home due to threats linked to ​​​Guo Wengei, a Chinese billionaire residing in New York, and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He also discussed his current personal situation, as well as share​d​ encouraging words about ChinaAid and God’s faithfulness.

Excerpts from the interview:

Andrew Boyd, Release International:

…We know that you’ve had a torrid time of it. You’ve had death threats, your family have been forced to leave their home for a period of time. You’ve been under armed protection. And there are claims that have been made that you are a fake pastor and working on behalf of the Chinese government, which seem pretty absurd from the perspective of Release International, which has worked with you as a partner, a trusted partner, for years. [Will you please describe your current situation?]
Pastor Fu:

… As a former house church pastor, a prisoner for Christ and an advocate for religious freedom for more than two in the international arena, it is really very surreal, and kind of crazy to think that you have to be exiled from your own home in West Texas, in the supposedly land of the free, because of all these slanderous accusations and threats that law-enforcement deemed substantive. By the grace of the Lord and with lots of prayers and support, however, we were able to return home this weekend for the first time in 1 & 1/2 months.
Andrew Boyd: 
What do you think they [demonstrators] intended to achieve?
Pastor Fu:

Their goal is very clear. They aim to silence my voice for freedom in China and to destroy the ministry of ChinaAid.
Andrew Boyd:  
It’s a puzzle to me, this side of the Atlantic, why there have been no arrests for incitement to hatred or murder. I understand there are been some arrests for minor trespass offences, but why nothing more serious?
Pastor Fu:

The Chinese Communist Party has been taking advantage of US soil and our free society. They know that in this country, we cherish the First Amendment rights against the balance of the other side of hate speech or even illegal assembly and threatening harassments. That’s why demonstrators have been able to launch their malicious attacks in at least 10 cities. I’m just one of the top targets. Guo funded and launched similar assaults in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, New York, Washington DC, Japan, and Taiwan. This global campaign aims to terrorize…
Andrew Boyd: 

And if you could say anything to this man who is a Chinese billionaire who, it’s been reported, left China after accusations of corruption were made against him, if you could say anything to him, what would you say?
Pastor Fu:

I would say, “Repent and come to Jesus Christ. What you are doing will not be helpful for your own cause.”

Andrew Boyd: 

It’s been a very distressing time for you all. How can we pray for you? What would you like us to pray for?
Pastor Fu:

Pray for us… that we can have a full alignment with the biblical truth that this is not something too strange or surprising we have to go through. It’s a spiritual battle. Unless we stop the work that God has called us to do, as the mob has demanded, we have to be prepared and ready to face tribulations. As our mission comes from the Lord, our faith can only be strengthened by God’s grace… by God’s word… by God’s Holy Spirit.
Pray for our staff as well. They too were experiencing a stressful time. Protesters did show up at our office. Please also pray for ChinaAid’s board members, that they will make wise decisions as to how we may best handle security concerns, and that the direction of ministry work will not adversely be impacted.
Andrew Boyd: 

And what about for your family? How would you like us to pray for them?
Pastor Fu:
We have three children. One son, 23-years-old, our oldest daughter, 21-years-old attends college, and our 15-years-old daughter in high school. Please pray that the Lord will restore them; strengthen them; increase their faith in the middle of these terrorizing months so they learn that this experience will not terrify us. What has happened is the price can be proudly paid for their faith and for freedom. Pray that God uses this to nurture and strengthen their hearts.
By the grace of the Lord and a lot of prayers we are able to come back home for the first time in one and a half months.
During the interview Pastor Fu stressed that the billionaire backing the demonstrators as well as the CCP want confrontations and violence “They want to silence me and China Aid’s voice for freedom.” But, as Pastor Fu stated and continues to believe, “By the grace of the Lord and with lots of prayers,” their desires will not succeed.

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