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Authorities detained Christians for “organizing and financing illegal gatherings”

(Yunnan province, China —August 22, 2022) According to a prayer request letter dated from the 19th from Dashanli in Nujiang, Wang Shunping, a millennial Christian of the Nu ethnic minority group, was criminally detained on August 17th by the Public Security Bureau of Fugong County, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province, on the grounds of “suspected activities


Geng Zejun sentenced to over a year

Photo: Geng Zejun’s verdict (ChinaAid source)   (Shizuishan, Ningxia province – August 22, 2022) According to Church of the Rock, Huinong District Court sentenced Geng Zejun to 1 year and 3 months for “organizing illegal gatherings.”   Geng Zejun and his congregation belong to the reformed faith and have refused to accept the management of the


Update: Early Rain member charged with “assaulting a police officer”

The criminal detention notice for A Xin (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Chengdu, China—August 18, 2022) On the evening of August 15, Zhao Qing, a congregant of Early Rain Covenant Church, came to the police station and picked up the criminal detention notice for her husband, Xing Hongwei (pen name: A Xin). Authorities arrested Xing while raiding


Beijing Zion Church raided during Sunday service

Beijing Zion Church’s prayer request letter (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Beijing, China – August 17, 2022) On August 14, Beijing Zion Church’s branch in the Mentougou district was raided during Sunday service.       When Pastor Yang Jun was preaching around 10 AM, more than 10 individuals from the Mentougou District Culture and Tourism Bureau, community


Elder of Beijing Shouwang Church detained in his house, members summoned to police station

Elder You Guanhui of Beijing Shouwang Church (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Beijing, China – August 16, 2022) Last Thursday, Elder You Guanhui of Beijing Shouwang Church found himself forbidden from leaving his house early in the morning by the local authorities. Furthermore, another member of the church, sister Xiaojuan, was called to the police station at


Elder Hao Ming’s condition improves

Elder Zhang Chunlei (left) with Elder Hao Ming, both imprisoned  for the fictitious charge of “fraud” (Photo: ChinaAid source)   (Deyang, Sichuan province—August 15, 2022) Last week, Early Rain Covenant Church disclosed in the prayer request that the representative lawyer met with Elder Hao Ming in Deyang Detention Center. The attorney disclosed that Hao’s health improved.

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Authorities raid Early Rain Covenant Church gathering, one detained

Police raided Early Rain Covenant Church, resulting in one violent arrest (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Chengdu, Sichuan province—August 15, 2022) Early Rain Covenant Church disclosed that Chengdu authorities raided their in-person gathering yesterday. Police required congregants to register their ID numbers. Some members refused to register their IDs, resulting in one violent arrest.       


56 organizations call for sanctions on CCP officials implicated in the Xinjiang Police Files

Kerimjan Mutellip, a 19-year-old detainee in Xinjiang (Xinjiang Police Files by Victims of Communism)       (ChinaAid—August 11, 2022) Evidence from the Xinjiang Police Files implicated four high-ranking Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members in the extermination of Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other Turkic minorities in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Over 50 human rights organizations called


Americans visit Mayflower Church to prevent potential kidnapping

Deana Brown of FSI with members of the Mayflower Church (Photo: Deana Brown) (ChinaAid—August 11, 2022) In the last several months, options dwindled for the Mayflower Church and Pastor Yonggang. The South Korean government refused to grant them asylum due to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) influence. Church members sought resettlement options, and American partners visited


Zhang Chenghao’s wife suddenly detained

Zhang Chenghao and Guo Juan of Zion Reformed (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Taiyuan, Shanxi province—August 5, 2022) On the morning of August 5, a trial was held against minister An Yankui and Zhang Chenghao of Zion Reformed Church. They both faced charges of “illegally crossing the national border.” Zhang Chenghao’s wife Guo Juan attended the trial, and

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