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Chinese Christian sued CCP official for various illegal practices

Zhang Chenghao and his wife, Guo Juan, of Taiyuan Xuncheng Reformed Church(Photo: ChinaAid source) (Linfen, Shanxi Province—January 17, 2022) Yesterday, Mrs. Guo Juan, wife of Taiyuan Zion Reformed Church’s Zhang Chenghao, wrote in a public prayer request letter:   One week ago, I sued Mr. Hu, deputy team leader of Lüliang city national security agency.


Guo Feixiong charged with “inciting subversion of State power”

Chinese human rights activist Guo Feixiong(Photo: ChinaAid source) (Guangzhou, Guangdong Province—January 17, 2022) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) formally arrested Guo Feixiong, renowned human rights activist, on the charge of “inciting subversion of State power.” Guo’s sister received a notice from Guangzhou Public Security Bureau today, confirming the Chinese government arrested her brother.   Guo


Imprisoned lawyer denied from visiting dying father

Lawyer Yu Wensheng(Photo: Xu Yan’s Twitter) (Beijing, China—January 14, 2022) The father of Beijing human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng, who is imprisoned in Nanjing prison, passed away on January 9. Yu Wensheng was not allowed to see his father for the final time before his death.   Lawyer Yu Wensheng’s wife Xu Yan posted on


CCP court gave lawyers less than a week to review 123 case files

The four lawyers defending Wang Honglan and her family(Photo: Fan Xiangui’s Weibo page)    (Hohhot, Inner Mongolia— January 14, 2022) On January 11, Christian lawyers Fang Xiangui, Zhu Shujin, Zhao Qingshan, and Yuan Mao traveled to Huimin District People’s Court to submit documents for the case of four Christians who were charged with “illegal business


Leaders of Linfen Golden Lampstand Church arrested again, facing criminal charges

Preacher Yang of Linfen Golden Lampstand Church released in 2016(Photo: ChinaAid)     (Linfen, Shanxi Province—January 13,2022) Authorities arrested nine leaders of Linfen Golden Lampstand Church. While some were released on bail, more leaders were arrested.    Officials initially released the following on bail: Feng Junyingzi, Chen Qinglan, Li Qin, Wang Xianfeng, and Yang Hongzhen.


Case of Christian bookstore handled in a bizarre way; family continues to appeal

Sister Zheng Jinmei, mother of Chen Yu(Photo: ChinaAid source) (Taizhou, Zhejiang Province—January 13, 2022) The verdict of the second trial of Chen Yu and “Xiaomai Bookstore” upheld its original sentencing. However, the verdict was first posted by an official WeChat account called “Zhejiang Crackdown on Pornography and Illegal Publications” on January 5, which is against

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CCP court sentences five Christians of Taiyuan Zion Reformed Church

Family members of five Christian defendants of Taiyuan Zion Reformed Church (Photo: ChinaAid Resource) (Fenyang, Shanxi Province–January 12, 2022) On January 7, Fenyang Court sentenced Zhang Ligong, Wang Runyun, Wang Shiqiang, Zhang Yaowen, and Song Shoushan, five Christians of Taiyuan Zion Reformed Church, under the charge of “illegally crossing the national border.” Their prison terms


Voices from Kazakhstan: Putin’s puppet opens killing ring in Kazakhstan

APPEAL OF THE DEMOCRATIC FORCES OF KAZAKHSTAN TO THE PEOPLE AND THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY We, the people of Kazakhstan, have been opposed to the dictatorial regime of Nursultan Nazarbayev for 30 years. He usurped political power and privatized all the wealth above and below the land of Kazakh into the hands of his family and


Most recent update from Elder Zhang Chunlei’s lawyer

Guiyang Renai Reformed Church’s Elder Zhang Chunlei. (Photo: ChinaAid Resource) (Guiyang, Guizhou Province—January 12, 2022) During the afternoon of January 5, according to Ms. Yang Aiqing, wife of Guiyang Renai Reformed Church’s Elder Zhang Chunlei, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials allowed Elder Zhang’s lawyer to meet with him in the detention center. His lawyer previously visited him


The Xinjiang model repeated in Kazakhstan

Kapar Akhat and his family(Photo: ChinaAid source) (ChinaAid, Midland, TX—January 12, 2022) Kazakhstan recently launched mass arrests with its expansive surveillance system, drawing eerie comparisons to the systematic oppression in Xinjiang, China. Authorities detained Kapar Akhat again, a prominent figure and branch director of the Kazakh human rights group Atajurt.   On the morning of

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Americans released from Dutch custody

Michael Horowitz with the rescued Kazakh family(Photo: ChinaAid source) (Netherlands—January 11, 2022) Netherlands’ authorities released Michael Horowitz and Dr. Devra Marcus from custody. Both Americans will return to the United States tomorrow. They were initially arrested after successfully rescuing the family of Serikzhan Bilash, a Kazakh human rights leader.      On January 9, Horowitz


Signs that the CCP’s religious overseers are gearing up to exert influence over religious believers in Hong Kong

  Photo: Hong Kong protestor waves the American flag, 2019 (Flickr) (Hong Kong—January 11, 2022) According to four Catholic clerics, at a meeting onOctober 31, coordinated by the Chinese Liaison Office to Hong Kong, Chinesebishops and religious leaders from mainland China briefed chairman Xi Jinping’svision to advance “religion with Chinese characteristics.” New signs indicatethat the

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