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Henan persecution targets both official and underground churches

Couplet posters like these in Fangcheng County, Henan, are often torn down orpainted over by officials if they containChristian messages. (Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Ningling, Henan—June 3, 2018) As of the end of May, almost 100 house churches have been shut down in China’s central Henan province. Additionally, authorities have also ordered official churches to remove

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Christians detained while submitting legal complaint

A group of Christians prays outside of the public security bureau. (Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid Updated at 4:42 p.m. on May 29, 2018. (Chengdu, Sichuan—May 28, 2018) 12 Christians in China’s central Sichuan province were arrested this morning while attempting to file a legal complaint about the recent treatment of their church at the local public


Beijing house churches investigated, shut down

Xu Yonghai ChinaAid (Beijing—May 14, 2018) Two house churches in Beijing reported that authorities in the past week have investigated churches and pressured landlords to cancel the leases on houses of worship. One of the churches chose to remain anonymous, though a member of this church named Yin said that on Sunday, May 6, the

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Horrors continue in Xinjiang detention camps, further arrests without cause

Various Kazakhs plead for their loved ones trapped in Xinjiang. Left: Hasen Kulsara wishes to reunite with her husband. Mid: Norserali Ayden holds a picture of his imprisoned brother and family. Right: Shabila Sultan says she can no longer reach her parents after their arrest. (Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Ili Kazakh, Xinjiang—May 11, 2018) The extensive

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House church pastor tried for leaking state secrets

ChinaAid A photo of Pastor Su Tianfu from before his arrest. (Photo: ChinaAid) (Guiyang, Guizhou—May 7, 2018) A pastor of a now-closed house church in the capital of China’s inland Guizhou province was found guilty of “intentionally disclosing state secrets” at a trial on April 26, but the announcement of the verdict was delayed. Su

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Chinese Kazakh embassy attempts private meeting with prisoners’ families

Junisbay Nasilbek speaksabout his wife, who has beendetained in Xinjiang sinceJanuary. (Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Almaty, Kazakhstan—May 6, 2018) On April 29, the Chinese embassy in Kazakhstan attempted to arrange a meeting for the families of men and women detained in the Xinjiang region’s “political training centers.” Xinjiang, a large region on China’s western border, has


ChinaAid leads delegation of prisoners’ family members in Germany

A group picture taken at the Taiwan forum on the evening of April 19. From left to right: Bob Fu, author Liao Yiwu, Dr. Wang Bingwu, Dr. Shieh Thy-Wey of Taiwan, Parliamentarian Tankred Schipanski, Li Chingyu, Dr. Yang Sen-Hong, and the group’s translator, Shih Chia.(Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Berlin—April 25, 2018) A ChinaAid delegation met with


Pastor sentenced to three years prison for property damage

ChinaAid Chen Shixin photographed in January 2017.(Photo: ChinaAid) (Huaibei, Anhui—April 23, 2018) A pastor in China’s eastern Anhui province was sentenced to three years in prison on April 16 for “intentionally damaging property” after a land dispute. Chen Shixin, the leader of a 300-member underground house church in Huaibei, Anhui, was arrested one year ago

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Pastor prevented from teaching on false orders

Zhang Chongzhu waves to friends onMay 9, 2016, after the came to see himreleased. (Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Wenzhou, Zhejiang—April 23, 2018) A pastor in China’s coastal Zhejiang province was ordered not to preach on April 9, but when he called authorities to ask why, he was told the order never happened. Zhang Chongzhu, who was

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Authorities forcibly close four churches in Lanzhou

Unregistered churches, such as this one inShenzhen, Guangdong, are often shut downon false charges of failing to comply withfire safety. The official seal across the door forbids all entry. (Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Lanzhou, Gansu—March 31, 2018) Authorities closed four churches in China’s north-central Gansu province recently, saying they needed to register with the government and

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Xinjiang authorities confiscate works by Kazakh, Turkish, and Kyrgyz writers

Citizen checkpoints such as this one in Ili register the identities of everyone who enters. (Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid Updated at 1:25 p.m. on April 4, 2018, to correct a previous misspelling. (Ili Uyghur Autonomous Region, Xinjiang—March 30, 2018) Xinjiang authorities are waging an ideological war against authors and poets from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkey, ordering

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