Authorities attack Hainan church

Officials raid a church in China’s
Guizhou province. Church raids
such as this one are common in
China. (Photo: ChinaAid)


(Haikou, Hainan—May 31, 2019) On Sunday, May 26, 2019, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities besieged and shut down Ark Church in China’s island Hainan province. Officers detained several Christians and demanded that others disclose their ID information.

While believers met for their worship service at Ark Church on May 26, a man alleged to be from the local ethnic and religious affairs bureau, accompanied by multiple police officers, broke into the church auditorium. The bureau official abruptly announced that Christians were barred from gathering there.

Believers attending the service responded, “You are in the church; you should ask our opinions.”

Nevertheless, the official continued to insist that the church was illegal. When the pastor asked this officer to provide evidence supporting his statement, the CCP representative curtly replied, “I’ll tell you when I have time.”

During the CCP raid on Ark Church, authorities forced Christians to write down their ID information. Government officials also confiscated believers’ Bibles. CCP personnel transported Hu Shitang and Li Shanqin, two key church congregants to the police station. There, while these believers were detained, officers relentlessly interrogated them.

Later, representatives from a local government department announced that the church should not host worship services at Ark Church anymore.

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