Authorities ban Chongqing house church

Individuals pack up books at Agape Feast Church.
(Photo: ChinaAid)


(Chongqing, Sichuan—Aug. 5, 2018) The Chinese government has continued to target and attack house churches. Chongqing’s Agape Feast Church has been repeatedly threatened over the last two years to shut down and had its members continuously asked by the police to join an official Three-Self Church. On July 30, the Agape Feast Church was officially banned by the local religious affairs bureau and had their property confiscated.

Lead pastor Li Yang posted a series of messages on the Chinese social media platform WeChat that documented the extent of the intrusion. “They came and broke into our place, packing up and selling the church’s possessions, including books, chairs, and desks. In addition, the offering box was taken. They confiscated all things without giving us an inventory. It is impossible for us to get the stuff back.”

Local congregants were also investigated, and some were questioned at the police station. They were later released.

A local believer stated that members of the church all live in the same area, and that they get along well with one another. However, police continuously harassed church congregants by accusing them of disturbing public order.

The Agape Feast Church was founded over a decade ago and has operated since then. The religious affairs bureau issued a notice stating the church had not registered with them, and as such, stated that the gathering is illegal.

ChinaAid seeks to expose the gross abuses committed against members of the Agape Feast Church in order to promote the rule of law, religious freedom, and human rights.

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