Authorities deliver official notice to Zhang Keke, Attorney for Christian lawyer Zhang Zhan: First hearing scheduled for December 28 relates to Ms. Zhang’s whistleblowing report on the Wuhan virus—COVID-19

Copy of Official notice to Attorney Zhang Keke: 
December 28 hearing set for Christian lawyer Zhang Zhan. 
(Photo: ChinaAid)

(Shanghai [not part of a province], China—Dec. 16, 2020) On December 16, authorities delivered the official notice to Zhang Keke, Attorney for Christian lawyer Ms. Zhang Zhan, advising December 28 now scheduled for the first hearing of charges evolving form her whistleblowing report on the Wuhan Virus. 

In the Update, ChinaAid posted on December 10: Zhang Keke, Attorney for Zhang Zhan, imprisoned Christian Lawyer, sees Ms. Zhang’s health deteriorating due to torture: Call for her immediate  release. 

Attorney Zhang Keke recounts:
I had my second visit with Zhang Zhan in Pudong District Detention Center on Tuesday (December 8) afternoon. Ms. Zhang showed up wearing thick pajamas; with unkempt hair and wearing a face mask. When she removed her mask, I realized that detention center personnel had inserted the tube feeding into her stomach through her mouth and nose.

Zhang Zhan, at Hankou railway station in Wuhan, prior to CCP authorities seizing her. 
 (Photo: ChinaAid)

An earlier post on ChinaAid, November 18, 2020, China’s People’s Procuratorate recommends 4 – 5 years imprisonment for Lawyer Zhang Zhan, reports that Ms. Zhang had been “suspected of the crime of creating disturbances;” accused of “picking quarrels and stirring up trouble.”

Currently, while detained in Shanghai Pudong New District Detention Center, 37-year-old Ms. Zhang continues a hunger strike. She and her report on the COVID-19 outbreak, first detected in Wuhan, a city with a population of 11 million, have received much public support since December 2019 when the news [of her exposing truth] initially attracted global attention.


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