Auxiliary Bishop resigns, states Vatican complying with Chinese Communist Party

Inside the Vatican.
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(Mindong Diocese, Fujian Province—Oct. 7, 2020)

“One of the ramifications of the renewal of China-Vatican Provisional Agreement: On the evening of October 4, 2020, Guo Xijin, the Auxiliary Bishop of Mindong Diocese, announced his resignation after the mass, claiming that the decision was submitted to the Holy See last month. Vatican complies with the CCP and harms the Catholic faith!” 

Greetings, all brothers and sisters in the Lord!

May the Lord’s grace fill your souls!

First off, I need to say “sorry” to you each because it will take more of your time tonight for me to share with you what happened recently and my stance. These things and my stance may not be directly linked to you: it is about Chinese church or accurately it is about our diocese. It may be the mark of the church in the new era and the new chapter of the church. At such a diverse and historic moment, only those who have remarkable talent, wisdom, virtues, and knowledge, and know ins and outs can keep up with times, walk at the pace of times, and even overtake times and lead times. However, I am dumb, pedant, and obstinate. I am a cowboy born in a poor and remote village and have no talent, virtue, wisdom, ability, and knowledge. Facing the era of rapid changes, I feel dazed, confused, and faint. Meanwhile, I am grateful for the self-knowledge granted by the Lord, I know that I am far behind the era, I can’t keep up with the times nor should be a drag on the era, nor hinder the development of the era. Therefore, I should initiate the action and step down—resign from the position. Also, the resignation decision was submitted to the Holy See last month.

Therefore, I’ve decided:

1. I will not attend any public events starting tomorrow, and the evening’s mass is the last public mass I attend. I will host private mass from tomorrow (that is, no congregant attends it), and every congregant can partake in sacraments and attend mass in the church located near their place. Last Assumption of Mary into Heaven, I said here that the sacraments held by priests would be legal no matter they register or not.

2. I will withdraw from the management organization of the diocese and focus on the scripture. People can confess to me only when they have conscientious problems. Regarding other matters, people should consult the priest who oversees the church they attend or Bishop Zhan Silu in Ningde.

3. With regard to the use of offerings collected in mass, many people have queried this since the past year. Now, I can let you all know: every cent of the offering collected in mass must be submitted to the diocese (this is the practice and regulation of our diocese in the past 3 or 4 decades), and Bishop Zhan or priests supervised by Bishop Zhan are in charge of the offerings. I withdraw from the supervision organization from now on and have no ability or qualification to oversee it. It is unnecessary for you to submit the offerings to me. I will refuse to take offerings beginning tomorrow, and congregants can turn in the offerings to the priest of the church they attend or other reliable people.

4. Keep in mind, congregants, what you believe in is the Lord’s faith, not human beings’ faith. Humans will change, but the Lord never changes.

5. You each shouldn’t point fingers at others, complain about others or criticize others. If you want to gripe, gripe about me, because I have no talent nor virtue and couldn’t handle it well.

My last word: don’t forget your Lord, don’t ignore the Lord’s commandment, don’t harm your faith, and don’t slack the mission of saving souls regardless of any circumstance, what’s happened, or any changes.

Now, I am stepping down, and hope you all can forgive my vulnerability, particularly the offense I made in the past! May the Lord’s mercy be with you every day till the end of the world!

                                                        Guo Xijin Vincentius, your unqualified cowboy

                                                        Sunday evening, October 4, 2020

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