Beijing Christian Arrested for Spreading Gospel

China Aid Association
By Li Xi
Epoch Times Staff
Apr 06, 2007

Beijing Christian Gu Changrong recently went back to her home town of Wandainzi. The town is located in Liaoning Province. Her purpose was to spread the Gospel. She was arrested by the Wandainzi police and charged with “utilizing evil cult to destroy the implementation of laws.” Her current situation remains unclear.
The police have refused to issue legal documents regarding Gu’s arrest. Family members have not been allowed to meet with her. Family members do not know where she was detained.
Gu is 54 years old. She is a devout Christian. On March 14, she visited the home of a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member in Qidao River village. The purpose of Gu’s visit was to spread the Gospel. The CCP member refused to listen to Gu and turned her away at the door. Gu was reported to police, arrested and charged with proselytizing to a CCP member.
Gu is a longtime Beijing resident. Her husband and daughter are also practicing Christians. The intent of Gu’s hometown visit was to spread the Gospel. Gu had not expected to be arrested. Rumors among local residents suggested that one of the charges against Gu was that she tore up her family history book, but neither her husband nor daughter were aware of this charge.
“My mom is a devout Christian, said her daughter Jiang Xueli. “For her, spreading the Gospel is doing a good deed. But the CCP says that Christianity is unscientific. Many Christians follow the practice of covering one’s head during prayer as a sign of respect to God. The CCP describes this common Christian practice as that of an evil cult.”
“Today, many Christians are being persecuted in China. Since 2006, the number of Christians in China arrested for their beliefs has been rising steadily. Most Christians are usually released upon paying a fine,” said Jiang. She reports that her mom is still being detained by police. But she doesn’t know where.
Gu’s brother Gu Zhaoliang said his sister might still be at the Qingyuan County detention center. He has not been allowed to visit his sister. Her current situation is unclear.

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