Beijing House Church Activist Hua Huiqi and his Mother Attacked and Detained by Police

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Photo: brother Hua in his house church
(Midland, Texas — January 27, 2007) CAA learned well-known Beijing
church activist Hua Huiqi and his 76-year-old mother were attacked and wounded
by the police in the morning of January 26, 2007. According to Mr. Hua’s wife
Wei Jumei, at about 8am of January 26, seven police officers attacked both Hua
and his mom while they were walking nearby a 2008 Olympic hotel site. They were
kicked on the ground and then taken away to the Olympic Police Station for
questioning. When Hua asked the police to explain the legal ground for the
detention and release his mom who is sick, he was beaten up repeatedly. The
police even started pouring cold water over him. The temperature in Beijing lowed in the mid
20s. While Hua was trembling because of the freezing cold water, he was taken
away to a detention center. On 27th, Hua’s wife was told by the
police over the phone that Hua had been sentenced for one month of criminal
detention. None of Hua’s family members has received any official notice yet
regarding Hua’s detention so far.

Hua and his wife are very active house
church Christians in Beijing.

They have been assisting lots of persecuted Christians and oppressed peasants
who travel to Beijing
from other parts of the country to seek justice from the central government.

“The detention of innocent peaceful
Christians like Mr. Hua and his mom is certainly contradictory to the Chinese
government’s human rights commitment for 2008 Beijing Olympics,” said Rev. Bob
Fu who used to be a close coworker of Mr. Hua and his Christian minister wife,”
we urge the Chinese government to immdiately release both of them and hold
those abusive police accountable.

Letters and Phone calls to protest brother
Hua’s arrest can be sent to
Office of Letters and
Calls of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and the People’s Government of Beijing

Phone number?+86-10-6308

Address: No. 1 Zhengyi Lu, Dongcheng
District, Beijing
(Zip code: 100074)

Beijing Olympic Village Police Station
telephone: +86-10-6491?2192

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