Beijing House Church Activist Hua Huiqi Released; Four House Church Leaders still Detained

China Aid Association
(Midland , Texas (CAA)-July 26, 2007) China Aid Association (CAA) learned that Beijing House Church activist Hua Huiqi was released today after serving 6 months imprisonment. Four House Church leaders from Inner Mongolia are still being detained while 11 others who were arrested on July 10 and 11 in Jiangsu and Anhui respectively were released from detention after the international pressure.
Pastor Hua was secretly sentenced to 6 months on June 4, 2007. Neither his wife and his lawyer Mr. Li Dunying were allowed to attend the court trial.
click here for a detailed report by Hua’s Lawyer

  He was formally arrested by Beijing Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch on February 8, 2007 with the approval of Chaoyang District Prosecutor on the charge of obstruction of justice. Hua’s wife received the official notice from the police on February 10, 2007. Hua had been under criminal detention on the charge of intervening public affair since January 26.
  Hua’s mother 76-year-old Ms. Shuang Shuying was formally arrested on February 9, 2007 on the charge of willfully damaging public and private property. Hua Huiqi’s 76-year-old mother, Ms. Shuang Shuying was sentenced to two years by Beijing Chongwen District People’s Court on February 26, 2007 on the charge of willfully damaging public and private property.
  Hua is an active house church Christian in Beijing. He has been passionately serving the ministry and assisting lots of persecuted Christians and oppressed peasants.
Meanwhile, 4 house church leaders from Inner Mongolia who were detained from July 14 are still being detained. 11 of them from Jiangsu and Anhui respectively were released after international pressure.
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Issued by CAA on July 26, 2007

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