Beijing House Churches Forced to Sign Document Pledging Not to Meet During the Olympic Games

China Aid Association
(Beijing- August 13, 2008) CAA has discovered that  a number of Chinese House Church Pastors were forced to sign a written agreement that they would not participate in religious services while the Olympic Games are taking place in China. The document, drafted by Chinese Govnerment Officials, specifies that the House Churches in China
“€¦refrain from organizing and joining illegal gatherings and refrain from receiving donations, sermons and preaching from overseas religious organizations and groups that have a purpose.”
The document also prohibits the churches from gathering in their communities for more than 3 months while the Olympics are taking place. Should church members violate these rules they will be subject to the disciplinary actions of the Chinese Government.
The discovery of this document provides further evidence of the PRC’s hypocrisy towards creating a “harmonious society” marked by religious freedom and rule of law. The fact the document was issued while the World’s focus is on China, is a blatant challenge to the International community and an apathetic stance toward seeking to correct human rights violations even as world leaders are directly confronting the Government at the Beijing Olympics.
If China is seeking to put on the mantle of a world superpower, it must first acknowledge the unalienable rights of its own people. CAA calls on the international community and those concerned to voice their complaint to the relevant Chinese Government authorities.
Click here to view the official Government Document
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