Beijing Pastors "Bike" Zhang Mingxuan and Hua Huiqi Persevere During Crackdown

Pastor Zhang Mingxuan was named “Pastor Bike” for his persistent evangelism efforts while touring the province on two-wheels.
October 8, 2009
BEIJING–Before the 60th Anniversary of the Communist Party-rule in China, government authorities issued a secret directive, calling for the dismantling of six house churches in Beijing. Pastors Hua Huiqi and Zhang Mingxuan were sent on forced vacations and detained by local Public Security Bureaus. ChinaAid continues to follow their status closely:
10/5/2009–On Sunday, October 4th, Pastor Bike and his wife were released from their forced vacation in Henan, and returned home to Beijing. The authorities are still holding his cell phone, and promise to return it on Oct. 8, when the National Day celebrations officially end. Pastor Bike and his wife were unharmed during the vacation, and treated fairly well. They are thankful for the prayers of the international community. The government reportedly showed him they spent a total of nearly 10,000 yuan on his forced stay; Pastor Bike and his wife wish the money would have been put toward impoverished children’s education.
9/22/2009–At 11:00 PM (Beijing time) on September 22, five Public Security officials escorted Pastor Hua Huiqi to Beijing Tiantan Hospital for his final visit with his dying brother, Hua Huilin. The Hua Family’s request for Pastor Hua to visit his brother had been previously denied. Under the eyes of the guards, Hua was ordered not to speak to anyone, and was allowed only a few brief moments with Hua Huilin in that late hour. On behalf of the Hua’s immediate family who was not permitted to come, Hua’s sister-in-law requested he be allowed to visit his ailing mother, Shuang Shuying, who was released from prison two months ago. Her request was also denied.
9/27/2009-At 8:00 AM, Sunday morning (Beijing time), four PSB officers escorted the wife of Pastor Hua Huiqi to visit him. Pastor Hua was taken by PSB officials after an alleged dinner invitation on September 17, after returning from a forced vacation in Shanxi province. After being held for 4 days, he was allowed to visit his dying brother, Hua Huilin at the Beijing Tiantan Hospital on September 22. After her visit with him on September 27, Hua’s wife confirmed that Hua is in good condition. He has begun a time of prayer and fasting during his detention.

ChinaAid thanks the international community for praying and petitioning for Pastor Bike’s release. Please continue pressing the authorities for Pastor Hua and others who have been detained during the National Day festivities.
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To urge the Chinese government to release Hua Huiqi, contact the Chinese Embassy:
Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong
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Fax: (202) 588-9760

NOTE: If you are a citizen of another country, please click here to find the contact information of the Chinese embassy in your own nation
For Chinese-speakers, contact the Fengtai PSB Director in Beijing, and Officer Ding Xu directly:
Director of the Domestic Security Protection Squad of PSB, Fengtai District, Beijing (Cellphone): +86-13901358989
Officer Ding Xu (cellphone): +86-13501068976

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