Beijing Shouwang Church Announcement on Outdoor Worship Service on November 4, 2012

2012风雪户外——01Dear brothers and sisters:

Peace in the Lord! On this past Sunday, we held the forty-fifth outdoor worship service of this year. It was a cold rainy day with snow. As far as we know, including two sisters who were taken to be detained at a hotel on Friday and Saturday, at least eighteen believers were taken away from h ome or from locations near the platform. One of them is from another church. Some of them were released soon after they were taken away from the platform, and the rest of them who were detained at Zhongguancun Street police station got released before 15:00pm on Sunday afternoon.

On November 1, 2009, we held the outdoor service in the snow. Now three years have past, and we again held the outdoor service in the rain and snow. God reminded us His grace through the rain and snow on this third anniversary of that day. On that Sunday, God protected His church, and has been watching and guarding His church in the following battle. Although we are always blind to God’s presence in this fierce battle because of our weakness, yet the Lord keeps reminding us through various ways that He is near and is with us. We hope and we believe that He will answer our prayers, so that we have the strength to follow Him. Just as a song sings: “Follow, follow, I want to follow Jesus, no matter where to go, I want to follow Jesus! Follow, follow, I want to follow Jesus, only look to Jesus, I want to follow Jesus!”

May peace and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the mercy and love of Father God, and the console and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, be with each brother and sister of Shouwang Church and all the churches who remember Shouwang Church in prayers, from this time on and forevermore! Amen.

Beijing Shouwang Church

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