Bob Fu Calls the Official Who Is in Charge of Cao Ruyi's "Illegal Pregnancy" Issue (Video)

ChinaAid Visual Studio (VOCN) June 08, 2012

On hearing that Cao Ruyi (37 years old) with five months’ pregnancy is facing imminent forced abortion in a hospital in Changsha city, capital of Hunan province, Bob Fu immediately called the family planning official in Changsha City who is in charge of Mrs. Cao’s case at 1am local time today in China.

Although refusing to reveal her name, the official clearly told Bob Fu that Mrs. Cao has only 2 options: to abort the baby or pay over $24,000 penalty.

She said if Mrs. Cao cannot afford the penalty, which is true to the poor family, the family planning officials in Changsha City will "keep persuading her (to abort the baby) until she gives in". The official also said that she is "very confident" that with her effort Mrs. Cao will finally give in.

This is the video that Bob Fu talked with the family planning official:

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