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Bob Fu interview: following Jesus in persecuted China

Photo: Bob Fu, Founder and President of ChinaAid


(ChinaAid—February 20, 2023) Last fall, Xi Jinping began his third term as the leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), entering his second decade of enormous power. He used stealthy and cunning methods to suppress opponents inside and outside the Party. Religious persecution under Xi Jinping is intensifying; in this regard, Bob Fu, President of ChinaAid, accepted an exclusive interview with Ruth Foster, a contributor of Charisma Magazine.


Xi Jinping’s power

“It is very significant because he is officially the dictator, tyrant and successfully removed the term limit of the presidency from the (Chinese) constitution,” said Bob Fu, Founder and President of ChinaAid. “[President Xi Jinping] has basically set himself as president for life.”


His campaign against Christians

Since Xi Jinping gained power, he has led a campaign against biblical Christianity. Fu stated: “I think [Xi] really wants to follow the steps of Kim Jong Un of North Korea.” He continued, “You have seen, first, the forced demolition campaign of crosses [in] thousands of churches. Then, the sinicization campaign tried to make the church become compatible with socialism-communism ideology. Then he started forced allegiance to himself.”


His highest priority

Christian children have become a primary target in this campaign to eradicate Christianity. Parents and children have been forced to sign government forms renouncing their Christian faith, otherwise, children will be denied access to public education. Chinese authorities are also trying to restrict children from interacting with God’s Word by removing all Bible and Bible-related apps from Apple smartphones in the country.


“They want to totally remove access to Scripture,” Fu said.


The effect of persecution

Yet, China’s crackdown on Christians is producing the opposite of its intended effect. “[Through] the new wave of this kind of persecution…house churches have learned how to be faithful to the Lord until death,” Fu said. “Through the suffering, they learn how to obey the Lord and His Word.”



Fu went on to describe the testimony of a Chinese believer who was interrogated by police authorities about her ardent devotion to Christ. “I only began to love the Lord passionately after you arrested me when the shackles were on my feet,” the Christian sister said. “I realized a little bit how much Christ had paid for me.”



He shared how Chinese churches are baptizing thousands of new believers, even as the government’s restrictive “zero COVID” policy limited worship gatherings during the pandemic.


How the west can pray

Fu encouraged Christians worldwide to pray for those in authority in China. “They need a resurrection by the Holy Spirit,” he said. He also requested prayer for church leaders who are serving long prison sentences for refusing to bow to the oppressive rule of China’s Communist regime.


Recent reports of persecution

A 63-page annual report by ChinaAid reveals that the cycle of Christian destruction is repeating itself in Communist-controlled China. The CCP continues to destroy churches, arrest, and abuse Christians, force clergy members to “disappear,” prevent believers from expressing their faith online, and try to coerce Christians to preach Marxist principles instead of the Bible from the pulpit.


Open Doors, the non-denominational Christian organization, released World Watch List 2023 in January. They reported that among the 50 counties where Christians face severe persecution, China ranks number 16.



~ Gao Zhensai, ChinaAid Special Correspondent

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