Breaking: Updated: Authorities attack Xingguang Church

Officials prevent
Christian woman
from entering her
own home.
(Photo: WeChat)

Updated at 4:30 p.m. on July 22, 2020

(Xiamen, Fujian—July 22, 2020) Authorities attacked Xingguang Church Christians again today.

On the morning of July 22, officials broke into the Christians’ homes and used demolition tools, destroying recent renovations. In addition, they moved some of the Christians’ property.

When the church members tried to resist, they were pushed away.

Videos taken at the scene show officials walking through the Christians’ property, some of which has been severely damaged. A property developer had gotten permission to do the renovations, but the authorities destroyed the work anyway.

 A Christian woman
resists officers.
(Photo: Screenshot)

This is the third time authorities have raided the Christians’ property. The last time this happened, more than 100 officials destroyed 12 homes belonging to the church’s members.

Videos of a woman resisting and the demolished areas of the church are below.

Yang Xibo, the pastor of Xiamen’s Xunsiding Church, asked the director of the Siming District Religious Affairs Bureau why the government violates the law to persecuted Christians. ChinaAid does not know how the director responded.

Xingguang Church’s lawyer, Song Ceng, has condemned the government for persecuting the church and maintained the innocence of the Christians. 


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