Brutal Beating for Chinese Activist February 14, 2011 5:24 PM
News comes today that China has overtaken Japan as the world’s number two economy. The United States remains number one.
While many political and economic analysts believe China may eventually seize the top spot from the U.S.A., it appears to have a long way to go if it is also to overtake the United States in the area of freedom and human rights. One recent case in point is the treatment of human rights advocate Chen Guangcheng.

Cheng is blind. He spent four years in prison because he advocated greater freedom in China and aggressively opposed the forced abortion, forced sterilization, one child policy of the Chinese government. Chen has been a prisoner in his own home since his release from prison in September 2010. Plain-clothes police watch his house 24/7, intimidate his neighbors or anyone else who approaches his home. Chen is treated as a pariah, an outcast in his village of Shuanghou. He says authorities have set up cell phone jamming shields in his neighbor’s homes to prevent him from receiving or making calls.
Chen detailed the “unconstitutional” treatment in a video he made earlier this month. After the video was released globally  by China Aid and others, Public Security Bureau officials came to the Guangcheng home and beat Chen and his wife.
I recently interviewed China Aid President Bob Fu and asked him to comment about Chen and the Obama Administration’s
China human rights policy.

Fu discusses Chen in clip #1. In clip #2 he addresses Obama and China human rights. The third clip is the video that Chen and his wife made–the one that angered the government and resulted in the beatings.
Clip#1–Bob Fu on Chen:
Clip#2–Bob Fu on Obama & China human rights:
Clip#3–Chen’s Video:

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