California Resident Peng Ming Sends Letter to Sister from Chinese Prison

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Peng Ming

(HUBEI – April 24, 2009) The sister of imprisoned Christian Peng Ming recently received a letter from him, dated March 26, 2009. Peng Ming is serving a life sentence in China, even though he is an official UN refugee with transitional permanent status in California, USA.
Before his arrest, Peng Ming worked for the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights of the Chinese people. Peng Ming was baptized in Forerunner Christian Church in San Francisco, California in July 2002. In May 2004, while traveling to visit his elderly parents in Thailand, he was lured into a trap in Myanmar by Chinese special agents. He was then taken to China where on December 15, 2005, the Chinese authorities sentenced Peng Ming to life in prison on the charge of “planning to establish and leading a terrorist organization.” In prison, authorities have frequently tortured and forced confessions from Peng Ming. He is in a heavily guarded prison cell in Han Yang where he suffers from kidney stones and heart disease, which have been ignored by prison officials.
The following is Peng Ming’s letter dated March 26, 2009:
Sister Xing and Pastor Wu,
How are you?  I have received your letter dated March 3 and thank you for your encouragement.  In your letter, you asked me to “regard the prison as my school and a place of enlightenment and not to waste away a single day and regard every minute as an opportunity for the growth of my spiritual life.” It is exactly what I have done, and I have basically achieved that. Be assured that my will will not collapse under any circumstance. Instead, it will only become stronger, and I am full of confidence for the future.
As for the current financial crisis, I think we can’t blame the financial investors on Wall Street alone, nor should we blame alone the supervision authorities of the American government. The main reasons for this are: 1) the deficit spending module, and 2) the so-called global economy.  I pointed out back in 1995-1997 when I proposed “non-catching-up strategies” that globalization would eventually cause a serious surplus of the industrial production capacity which in turn would cause a global economic crisis. In the meantime, it will also cause capital exploitation of developing countries by Europe and America and the market dependence by the developing countries on the developed countries. In the meantime, developed countries will lose a large number of jobs due to their dependence on the labor of developing countries.
Unfortunately, what is happening now is just what I predicted.

Judging from spiritual perspective, this crisis is God’s warning to man. If people of today understand the intention of God and institute fundamental changes, there is still some hope.  However, the pity is that people still have not awakened from the fundamental aspect of the problem. The current policies in dealing with the problem are all merely curing symptoms, not curing the disease. Therefore, they can’t solve the root of the problem. Even if they manage to live through this crisis with difficulty, a bigger crisis will be waiting for humanity in the near future.  I do not pin any hope on the new administration in America. The measures he’s taking at this time have all the more proven my judgment is right. In this sense, I agree with your viewpoints. “The world is coming to an end.” However, I think this is not a bad thing but a good thing.  Just like my imprisonment, it is not a bad thing but a good thing. As the new and greater crisis befalls us in the future, the old system and order will be destroyed and the new system and order that replaces it will be the correct choice and will be the intention and arrangement of God….
May God be with us.
Your brother in Christ: Peng Ming
Write a letter of encouragement to Peng Ming in prison at:
No. 4 Prison Branch
Hubei Provincial Han Yang Prison
Cai Dian District, Wuhan City
Hubei Province

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