Case Against Uyghur Christian Alimujiang Yimiti Formally Transferred to Court

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Photo: Alimujiang and Family

(Xinjiang- May 8, 2008) CAA has recently learned that the case against Uyghur Christian Alimujiang Yimiti, has been formally transferred to Kashi District Intermediate People’s Court for formal prosecution. The court is set to open in approximately two to three weeks. Mr. Liang Xiaojun, Alimujiang’s Beijing based lawyer, is preparing for his client’s legal defense.
Documentation related to the case is still in the process of being translated into official Han language. According to Liang, documents in the case written in Uyghur, have caused problems for attorneys of Han nationality. Liang stated: “The public procurator in charge of this case is of Uyghur nationality and all the written records for the evidence from interrogations by the Security Bureau are in Uyghur. When we last visited, we requested that they use a public procurator of Han nationality and let a judge of Han nationality handle this case.” In the meantime, Alimujiang has also presented a written request that the case be tried in Chinese. However, the prosecution was carried out in Uyghur.
CAA President Bob Fu, calls on Xinjiang authorities to immediately acquit Mr. Alimujiang of all charges, and to further release Mr. Wusiman Yiming, whom is currently serving a prison sentence. Mr. Fu also made the point that in comparison to 46 Han Christians who were arrested on April 13, the penalizations to Uyghur Christians are much more severe. In contrast to the severity of punishment to Uyghur Christians, 2 Han Christians were detained for only 15 days while others were solely given a 50 Yuan fine. These cases clearly illustrate the policy of racial discrimination that authorities of Xinjiang practice. Charges brought by officials against Mr. Yimiti are no more than false allegations in order to suppress the religious freedoms of the Uyghur Christians in Xinjiang.
To express your concern over this matter please contact:
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Kashi Reigion Nationality and Religious Affairs
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Issued by CAA May 8, 2008

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