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Early Rain Elder introduces Prayer initiative “5 PM in China”

(Chengdu, China—October 21, 2022) Last week, Elder Li Yingqiang, one of the leaders of the Early Rain Covenant Church, penned a letter to volunteers of the kingdom prayer meeting called “Pray at 5 PM for China.”     Li titled the letter “Participate in the Holy War in the Wilderness by Praying.” In this open letter,


Landlord terminates lease of Early Rain family

Photo: Shu Qiong, a congregant of Early Rain (ChinaAid source) (Chengdu, China—October 3, 2022) On the afternoon of September 30, 2022, Christians from Early Rain Covenant Church received eviction notices. Their landlord terminated the lease early without providing a suitable explanation. The husband of Shu Qiong—a Christian attending Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu— received

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Officials interfere with Early Rain Funeral

(Chengdu, China—September 28, 2022) Last week, Early Rain Covenant Church member Shu Qiong and her family planned to hold a memorial service for her father Shu Chunliang at a funeral home in the northern suburbs of Chengdu. However, the Chengdu police interfered and prevented many invited guests from attending. The homes of many Christians in


Update: Early Rain member charged with “assaulting a police officer”

The criminal detention notice for A Xin (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Chengdu, China—August 18, 2022) On the evening of August 15, Zhao Qing, a congregant of Early Rain Covenant Church, came to the police station and picked up the criminal detention notice for her husband, Xing Hongwei (pen name: A Xin). Authorities arrested Xing while raiding


Elder Hao Ming’s condition improves

Elder Zhang Chunlei (left) with Elder Hao Ming, both imprisoned  for the fictitious charge of “fraud” (Photo: ChinaAid source)   (Deyang, Sichuan province—August 15, 2022) Last week, Early Rain Covenant Church disclosed in the prayer request that the representative lawyer met with Elder Hao Ming in Deyang Detention Center. The attorney disclosed that Hao’s health improved.

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Authorities raid Early Rain Covenant Church gathering, one detained

Police raided Early Rain Covenant Church, resulting in one violent arrest (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Chengdu, Sichuan province—August 15, 2022) Early Rain Covenant Church disclosed that Chengdu authorities raided their in-person gathering yesterday. Police required congregants to register their ID numbers. Some members refused to register their IDs, resulting in one violent arrest.       


56 organizations call for sanctions on CCP officials implicated in the Xinjiang Police Files

Kerimjan Mutellip, a 19-year-old detainee in Xinjiang (Xinjiang Police Files by Victims of Communism)       (ChinaAid—August 11, 2022) Evidence from the Xinjiang Police Files implicated four high-ranking Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members in the extermination of Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other Turkic minorities in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Over 50 human rights organizations called


Police summon Early Rain minister due to COVID-19 prevention

Preacher Wu Wuqing (middle) protesting against abortion on the street (Photo: ChinaAid source)   (Chengdu, Sichuan province– August 4, 2022) On Tuesday morning, two police officers from Longquanyi District Damian Police Station summoned preacher Wu Wuqing from his home under the excuse that Mr. Wu did not do a COVID test. However, they didn’t provide Mrs. Xiong


“Remember their names”: Early Rain survivor testifies to persecution in China

Ren Ruiting (center) at IRF Summit 2022(Photo: ChinaAid) (Washington, D.C.—July 14, 2022) At the 2022 IRF Summit, ChinaAid invited Ren Ruiting, a former member of the Early Rain Covenant Church in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, to give a presentation. Ren gave a three-part testimony on her personal experience of the Chinese government’s persecution of Christian faith communities


Early Rain service raided, elder summoned for questioning

  Elder Li Yingqiang on the right with Wang Yi and his wife (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Chengdu, Sichuan province—June 30, 2022) Police raided Early Rain Covenant Church’s in person worship over the weekend. Multiple police vehicles parked near the meeting place, so congregants split up to avoid conflict with authorities. Around 8:50 AM, Deyang police found


Early Rain couple overcame harassment from authorities and got married

Early Rain couple Zhang Qiang and Xiao Yue finally married despite police harassment(Photo: ChinaAid source) (Chengdu, Sichuan province—May 27, 2022) Zhang Qiang and Xiao Yue, congregants of Early Rain Covenant Church, finally got married even after several sabotage attempts from local authorities.    The couple had to pick another venue for their wedding after Chengdu


Christian wedding cancelled due to harassment

Zhang Qiang and Xiao Yue’s wedding picture (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Chengdu, Sichuan province—May 23, 2022) May 20 is the online valentine’s day in China because the pronunciation of the three numbers “520” resembles “I love you” in Chinese. However, Chengdu police used the day to ruin a Christian couple’s wedding. Christian couple Zhang Qiang and Xiao Yue

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