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Kuliziya Mogudong

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Report on the current conditions of the Kazakh prisoners in Xinjiang

ChinaAid Qalia Qabelqaze’s brother was arrested for having WhatsApp in his phone.(Photo: ChinaAid) (Almaty, Kazakhstan—May 27, 2018) Recently released Kazakh prisoners held a round table meeting in a hotel in Almaty, Kazakhstan in order to inform the outside world of what had happened in the Xinjiang prisons. They asked the government of Kazakhstan and international

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Xinjiang government forbids Muslims to celebrate Ramadan

Oman Anshakhan with his wife  Kuliziya Mogudong who was just  released from house arrest after having a forced abortion.  (Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Urumqi, Xinjiang—May 17, 2018) Ramadan, a holy month in the Islamic faith, began on May 17, and as usual, the local governments in Xinjiang have forbade all celebrations. In response, the World Uyghur

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