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Chinese Communist Party “secretly” bans all Christmas events but two…

College students at a Christmas event, holding slogans saying, “Resist Christmas.”  (Photo: ChinaAid) (Beijing—Dec. 25, 2020) For the China Communist Party (CCP) to prevent its official “secret” ban on Christmas from being exposed, the atheistic government only sent the ban to China’s section-level departments and above. Chinese government authorities severely suppress Christmas and consider any


“Tiger chair” permanently injures human rights Lawyer Chang Weiping

Detained Lawyer Chang Weiping.(Photo: Front Line Defenders) (Baoji, Shaanxi Province—Dec. 24. 2020) On November 3, Baoji police notified family members of human rights Lawyer Chang Weiping that authorities had placed him “under residential surveillance in a designated location.” They have charged him for the alleged crime of “inciting subversion of state powers.”  As of December 15, during the


New book by Bob Fu, Ph.D., just released—The Politics of Inclusive Pluralism: A Proposed Foundation for Religious Freedom in a Post-Communist, Democratic China

Cover of the new book by Bob Fu, Ph.D., Pastor & founder of ChinaAid.(Photo: Wipf and Stock Publishers) (Eugene, OR & Midland, TX—Dec. 19. 2020) December 18, Wipf and Stock Publishers announced the release of: 我的新書出版了<包容多元:在共產後民主化的中國實現宗教自由的基礎> The Politics of Inclusive Pluralism:  A Proposed Foundation for Religious Freedom   in a Post-Communist, Democratic China by  Bob Fu. Forward

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Chinese Communist Party’s increasing, intense religious persecution leads members of one house church to exile from China

Offering a helping hand.  (Photo: Deposit Photos) (ChinaAid—Dec. 11, 2020) “China’s President Xi Jinping has launched a war against faith. In China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) perceives any faith or religion independent of its absolute total control in China as a threat to its existence,” Pastor Bob Fu, founder, and president of ChinaAid, said.

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Chinese Communist Party authorities mandate that all teachers in Wenzhou, Zhejiang sign “Public Pledge Form”—forbidding any religious belief

Copy of Public Pledge Form. (Photo: ChinaAid) (Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province—Dec. 07, 2020) On December 4, ChinaAid received a report that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities have mandated that all teachers sign a “Public Pledge Form”—which forbids them to profess any religious belief. In addition, teachers must affirm they will not engage in any practice or


Chinese Communist Party authorities revoke the license to practice law of Wang Yu, the first human rights lawyer arrested in the “709 incident”

Lawyer Wang Yu (right) & Lawyer Yu Wensheng’s wife Xu Yan   call for trial on Yu Wensheng’s case.  (Photo: ChinaAid) (Beijing, Hebei Province—Dec. 04, 2020) Sunday, November 30, Justice Bureau authorities phoned Beijing Lawyer Wang Yu informing her that the Chinese Government had revoked her license to practice law. Lawyer Wang had defended human rights

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Update: Fu Xuanjuan, Deng Tianyong, Han Li, and Feng Qunhao, four Christians arrested for selling audio Bibles, face severe indictments as they await second trial

Chinese and American courts both use the gavel, a symbol of authority. (Photo: Flickr) (Shenzhen, Guangdong Province—Dec. 2, 2020) On July 2, 2020, Chinese officials arrested Fu Xuanjuan, Deng Tianyong, Han Li, and Fu Qunhao, employees of Shenzhen Tree of Life Technology Development Co., Ltd. These four Christians, currently awaiting their second trial, face severe


Almost two years after Chinese Communist Party officials released human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong from prison, Henan authorities continue illegal house arrest

Surveillance personnel near Jiang Tianyong’s residence.(Photo: ChinaAid) (Xinyang, Henan Province–Nov. 21, 2020) Although officials released human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong from prison on February 28, 2019, Henan authorities continue to closely monitor Jiang and his family 24/7. Reportedly legally “free” from a literal prison, in a sense, as authorities keep Jiang under illegal house arrest in


Beijing People’s Court sentences Zhang Baocheng, human rights activist, to three and a half years in prison for “picking a quarrel and provoking trouble”

Reminder of “Red Matters” on a street in Beijing.(Photo: Flickr) (Beijing, Hebei Province—Nov. 16, 2020) On November 10, Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court sentenced Zhang Baocheng, Beijing human rights activist and a member of the New Citizens’ Movement, to three and a half years in prison for “picking a quarrel and provoking trouble.” Mr.


Major flaws in CCP’s intrusive monitoring system cause increases in police raids and gulags, yet may offer a bit of comfort for the persecuted

Surveillance cameras subject to flaws, yet still flood China.(Photo: Flickr) (ChinaAid Association—Nov. 10, 2020) China’s intrusive monitoring system, which has adopted some of the most advanced surveillance technologies in the world and regularly annexes new capabilities, frightens some. Nevertheless, according to Dr. Eugene Bach, a writer for Back to Jerusalem,* the system contains major flaws. He explains


Update: CCP investigates advocates who signed support letter for arrested rights activist Ms. Geng Xiaonan

Ms. Geng Xiaonan.  (Photo: ChinaAid) (ChinaAid Association —Nov. 6, 2020) In response to pro-democracy supporters for Ms. Geng Xiaonan who signed an open letter requesting that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities release her, state security officers have warned, threatened, and questioned signatories regarding connections they have had with Ms. Geng, and Xu Zhangrun, her husband.

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Guo Wengui sends mobs to protest against Pastor Bob Fu and other fellow exiles

Guo’s employees accuse Pastor Bob Fu of working as CCP spy.(Photo: Youtube) Guo’s employees accuse Pastor Bob Fu of being a fake pastor.(Photo: Youtube) (Midland, TX—Oct. 29, 2020) In response to real “elimination” threats from Guo Wengui and ongoing protests by his followers at Pastor Bob Fu’s Midland, Texas home, the FBI has placed Pastor Fu

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