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Serikzhan Bilash: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region genocide, one reason CCP agents arrest three grandsons of Ospan Islamoğlu—for no reason

Serikzhan Bilash speaks up for those being arrested “for no reason.”(Photo: ChinaAid) (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region—March 03, 2021) On March 2, Serikzhan Bilash, a Kazakhstan activist for the plight of indigenous ethnic groups in China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang, shared a breaking news story recounting Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities’ arrests and “life sentences” of three grandsons


ChinaAid welcomes Kazakh refugee family

(Midland, TX—Feb. 9, 2020) After years of ethnic and religious persecution by the Chinese Communist Party, China Aid Association warmly welcomes Gulzira Auelkhan, her husband, and their 7-year-old daughter to the United States where they have been granted humanitarian parole.  Below is the full press release that tells some of Ms. Auelkhan’s experience as a prisoner

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Andrew Boyd of Release International talks with Pastor Bob Fu of ChinaAid about his one-and-a-half-month forced exile from his home and his current situation

Andrew Boyd on left; Pastor Bob Fu pictured on right.  (Photo: ChinaAid) (Midland, TX— Dec, 09, 2020) During a Skype interview with Andrew Boyd of Release International on December 06, Pastor Bob Fu of ChinaAid recounted his one-and-a-half-month forced exile from his home due to threats linked to ​​​Guo Wengei, a Chinese billionaire residing in New York,

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Update: Fu Xuanjuan, Deng Tianyong, Han Li, and Feng Qunhao, four Christians arrested for selling audio Bibles, face severe indictments as they await second trial

Chinese and American courts both use the gavel, a symbol of authority. (Photo: Flickr) (Shenzhen, Guangdong Province—Dec. 2, 2020) On July 2, 2020, Chinese officials arrested Fu Xuanjuan, Deng Tianyong, Han Li, and Fu Qunhao, employees of Shenzhen Tree of Life Technology Development Co., Ltd. These four Christians, currently awaiting their second trial, face severe


Federal lawsuit charges billionaire Chinese media executive Guo Wengui with making “terroristic threats” against noted Religious-Freedom Advocate Pastor Bob Fu

Guo Wengui made false allegations and credible threats against Pastor Bob Fu.  (Photo of Wengui: Public Domain) (Midland, Texas—Nov. 13, 2020) In addition to claims of stalking, defamation, conspiracy, and invasion of privacy, the lawsuit by attorneys of Bob Fu alleges that Guo Wengui, billionaire Chinese media executive, has made “terroristic threats” against Pastor Fu and

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Update: Police demand that landlord of Elder Li Yingqiang of ERCC rescind lease, forcing Elder Li to move again

Elder Li Yingqiang and his wife.  (Photo: WeChat) (Leshan, Sichuan Province—Nov. 8, 2020) During the afternoon of November 6, Elder Li Yingqiang of Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) posted on FaceBook that police were forcing his family, currently living in Leshan, to move again. That morning, Ms. Ren Ruiting, daughter of Elder Li’s landlord,

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Update: Guiyang City police raid Guiyang Enze Fellowship and arrest Dai Yankun, preacher

Guard at Chinese Detention Center. (Photo: Flickr) (Guiyang City, Guizhou Province—Nov. 5, 2020) Since Guiyang City police raided the worship service (gathering) that Dai Yankun, preacher, and ten other believers attended on October 25, Dai remains in custody. As Dai, leader of the Enze Fellowship in Huaxi District, Guiyang, remains in detention on unknown grounds,

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Bob Fu demands retraction of death threats, accusations

Protestors pictured outside Pastor Bob Fu’s home.(Photo: ChinaAid) (Midland, TX—Nov. 3, 2020) China Aid Association has released a letter written by President and Founder, Pastor Bob Fu, to the man behind the recent harassment campaign.  The letter can be read in full here. Below is the full press release.  ### For immediate release November 3, 2020

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Update Link: CCP Operative in U.S. Urges Supporters—Eliminate Bob Fu

Bob Fu’s story in his autobiography, God’s Double Agent. (Photo: China Aid) (Midland, TX—October 9, 2020) Bob Fu and ChinaAid are in danger. A Chinese Communist Party (CCP) operative urged his supporters to eliminate Bob Fu and other renowned Chinese dissidents in late September.  Instructions to eliminate Bob Fu and others have gone out over

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CCP assigns lawyers for 12 Hong Kong protesters

Hong Kong Protesters  (Photo: Creative Commons) (Hong Kong—Sept. 14, 2020) Chinese Communist Party (CCP) assigned government-approved lawyers to replace attorneys the families of 12 young Hong Kongers appointed for them. Officials refused to permit family-designated lawyers to meet with clients. When Attorney Lu Siwei, a family-appointed lawyer, visited China’s Shenzhen Yantian Detention Center requesting a

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Update on Pastor John Cao

Pastor Cao  (Photo: China Aid) Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Pastor Cao and Mother Cao miss you greatly. Many believers have unceasingly prayed for Teacher Cao’s freedom and for his health. In response to numerous individuals relentlessly checking on Pastor Cao/Principal Cao’s current situation, the following will update you. In his letter, Pastor Cao

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Blessed Are the Dealmakers?

Realist Review Andrew Jarocki “Blessed are the peacemakers,for they will be called children of God.”– Matthew 5:9 “The Pope?” scoffed Stalin, “And how many divisions does he have?” It is tempting to dismiss the Vatican, a tiny city state entirely reliant on moral suasion, as irrelevant in this era of renewed great power competition. However,

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