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Officials escort Guizhou pastor on medical trip

Yang Hua(Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Haikong, Hainan—March 16, 2019) Government officials escorted the pastor of a persecuted church to China’s island Hainan province on March 5 for medical treatment, and he was scheduled to return home yesterday. Following his release from custody last June, Yang Hua, the pastor of Huoshi Church in Guiyang, Guizhou, has been


China Aid’s Top 10 Persecution Cases in China of 2014

China Aid’s Top 10 Persecution Cases in China of 2014 Compiled by China Aid and Guo Baosheng, a China Aid guest commentator Written by Rachel Ritchie In 2014, Chinese authorities in charge of religious affairs persecuted the entire Christian population in China in order to “sinicize Christianity.” In addition to house churches, which typically face


Hainan Christians violently beaten for preventing construction on building site of Christian church after government illicitly sold site to developers

China Aid Association August 20, 2013 On the morning of Aug. 13, a number of Christians in Lingao town, Lincheng county, Hainan Province were violently beaten by urban management officers when they tried to prevent construction at a building site. A Christian church was originally intended to be built the building site; however, the site


Government Shuts Down At Least a Dozen House Churches in Hainan Province

China Aid Association (Haikou, Hainan–June 1, 2013) The Chinese government has shut down at least a dozen house churches in the southern province of Hainan in recent weeks and many others have been threatened with closure, a sign that little has changed under the new leadership of Xi Jinping. On May 26, while the Sanya


Well-known house church minister in Shenzhen initiates administrative litigation against police

China Aid Association (Shenzhen—Feb. 8, 2013) A well-known Chinese minister taken into police custody twice for evangelizing before Christmas in a public park and administratively detained for 13 days has initiated administrative litigation against the police, using the law to protect his legal and religious rights. Cao Nan was taken into police custody on Dec.


Well-known preacher detained for second time this month for preaching in Shenzhen park

China Aid Association (Shenzhen–Dec. 21, 2012) A well-known preacher was detained for the second time this month, along with eight other house church Christians, when they were evangelizing in a park in the southern boomtown of Shenzhen, and the preacher is now being held for 13 days under administrative detention. Cao Nan, from the Shenzhen

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