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Donghu Church destroyed

Donghu Church(Photo: ChinaAid) (Xining, Qinghai—April 15, 2020) Chinese officials demolished a government-run church on Easter Sunday after persecuting it for a long period of time. Donghu Church, located in Xining, Qinghai province, could host up to 300 people at once and was one of the largest churches in the area. The church was registered as

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Three-Self Church is shut down again

Chinese Christians, like the ones pictured above, are often blocked from meeting together by government officials. (Picture: ChinaAid) (Xining, Qinghai—Jan. 14, 2020) Just after noon on Christmas Day, the power to Donghu Church was cut off during the service. All members of the delegation had to leave in the darkness. According to church representatives, Ms.

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Religious official pens letter exposing closing of 20 churches

An official seal closing a church in China’ssouthern Guangdong province.(Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Xining, Qinghai—Aug. 15, 2018) More than 20 official and underground churches in Xining, located in China’s northwestern Qinghai, have been closed this year, interrupting religious life. Wang Ruiqin, the associate secretary-general for the national Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) and China Christian Council (CCC),

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Authorities lock pastor in own house to stop church meetings

ChinaAid (Xining, Qinghai—May 5, 2017) After previously banning meetings and services for Huoquan Christian Church in China’s remote western Qinghai province, police officers locked the church’s pastor in his own home to keep him from holding service on April 30. Huoquan Christian Church is a church with a long and prosperous history, boasting approximately 300

Human Rights Violation

Human Rights Watch: China: Drop Charges Against Tibetan Education Activist

Human Rights Watch January 15, 2017 7:30pm EST ■ Shopkeeper Faces 15-Year Sentence for Promoting Minority Language (New York) – Chinese authorities should immediately drop the politically motivated case against a Tibetan shopkeeper who has publicly supported education in the Tibetan language, Human Rights Watch said today. A trial is expected to take place soon.

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Radio Free Asia: Chinese Security Presence ‘Heavy’ at Tibetan Religious Festival

Radio Free Asia 2016-02-23 ■ China imposed “intense restrictions” in Tibetan areas of the western provinces of Qinghai and Sichuan this month during religious gatherings celebrating the Lunar New Year, sources in the region said. At Kumbum monstery in Qinghai’s Tsoshar (in Chinese, Haidong) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, authorities deployed large numbers of armed police and

Inner Mongolia

A House Church Missionary Dies While Ministering in Qinghai Earthquake Zone

China Aid Association (Yushu, Qinghai – Aug. 6, 2011) A house church missionary who died Tuesday while working in an area of western China’s Qinghai province that was struck by a massive earthquake last year is being remembered for the transformation in his life after he dedicated himself to serving God by volunteering to do

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