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Statement: Over 230 Rights groups demand resignation of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

We, over 230 Uyghur, Tibetan, Southern Mongolian, Hong Kong, and Chinese democracy and international human rights advocacy groups, call for the immediate resignation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights after she whitewashed the Chinese government’s human rights atrocities during her recent visit to China. We further call on the UN Secretary General


Tibetan students forced to sign a “No Suicide Pledge”

Tibetan students were forced to sign a “No Suicide Pledge”(Photo and English translation: The Great Translation Movement) (Tibet—May 20, 2022) After the famous Tibetan singer Tsewang Norbu passed away from self-immolation in front of the east of Potala Palace, the capital of Tibet, on February 25, police harassed and beat his father, forcing him to


CCP prohibits education of Tibetan language and forces parents to learn Chinese

Tibet(Photo: Gunther Hagleitner) (Tibet—May 19, 2022) Chinese authorities forced Tibetan parents to attend Chinese language training classes to instill the idea of assimilation.   According to a report by the UK-based human rights organization Tibet Watch, Chinese authorities have begun forcing Tibetan parents to attend Chinese language training classes and receive political and ideological education


Take the #NotFromChina Pledge to end organ harvesting in China

(ChinaAid, Midland, TX—December 9, 2021) Ahead of Human Rights Day, on December 10, End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC), the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) and China Aid have launched the #NotFromChina Pledge to help stop #murderfororgans.  The campaign responds to a growing body of evidence proving that the Chinese Communist Party is killing


China Bans Faith for All Children

UN HRC Side Event promotes upcoming Jubilee Campaign  promoting freedom of faith for children. (Photo: Jubliee Campaign) (World Wide Web—Oct. 3, 2020) On October 5, Bob Fu, Founder and President of China Aid will speak at the upcoming UN HRC Side Event advocating for children in China to have the freedom to profess their faith.


House passes Tibet bill

Representative Jim McGovern (left) signs a card for the imprisoned husband of Li Chingyu (right) in February 2019. McGovern introduced legislation supporting the religious freedom of Tibetan Buddhists to the United States Representatives. (Photo: ChinaAid) (Washington, D.C.—Jan. 31, 2020) The United States House of Representatives approved the Tibet Policy and Support Act Tuesday. If adopted,

Human Rights Violation

Radio Free Asia: Tibetan Nomads in Chamdo Forced From Their Land in Resettlement Scheme

Radio Free Asia 2019-01-23 Chinese authorities in Tibet’s Chamdo prefecture are ramping up the forced relocation of nomads from rural areas into newly built towns far from grazing areas, leaving Tibetan families unable to cope with the demands of daily life, Tibetan sources say. The state-ordered resettlement scheme has already been implemented in Chamdo’s Jomda,

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Chinese government fails to protect Tibetan language, Tibetan youth suffer

A bilingual version of the Di Zi Gui, which Tibetan children are being forced to learn. (Photo: ChinaAid) ChinaAid (Gyegu, Tibet—Jan. 17, 2018) As the Chinese government endeavors to persecute ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, it has also taken measures to oppress key elements of Tibetan language and culture, according to a report recently received by

Human Rights Violation

Radio Free Asia: Tibetan Monk Freed From Prison Three Years Before Term Ends

Radio Free Asia 2018-06-06 Chinese authorities have released a Tibetan monk jailed for supporting a 2011 self-immolation protest three years before serving his full 10-year term in prison, Tibetan sources say. Lobsang Tenzin, aged 28 and formerly a monk at Kirti monastery in Sichuan’s Ngaba prefecture, was freed on June 5 and has returned to

Human Rights Violation

Radio Free Asia: Tibetan Monk Released After Serving 10-Year Prison Term, Two Others Detained

Radio Free Asia 2018-03-13 Authorities in western China’s Sichuan province have freed a Tibetan monk jailed for 10 years for protesting Chinese rule in Tibetan areas, meanwhile taking into custody two others from the same monastery on unknown charges, Tibetan sources say. Lodroe, a monk from Dza Wonpo monastery in Sershul (in Chinese, Shiqu) county

Human Rights Violation

Radio Free Asia: Tibetan Nun Dies After Years of Ill Health Following Prison Term

Radio Free Asia 2018-01-31 A Tibetan nun and former political prisoner, jailed for seven years after calling for an end to Chinese rule in Tibet, has died of complications arising from a chronic ailment she developed after being subjected to torture and poor living conditions during her incarceration, according to Tibetan sources. Ngawang Tsomo, 51,

Human Rights Violation

Radio Free Asia: Police Beat, Detain Tibetan Man For Alleged Contacts Outside of Tibet

Radio Free Asia 2017-08-04 Authorities in the Tibet Autonomous Region’s Chamdo (in Chinese, Changdu) prefecture beat a Tibetan man and detained him for two days last month on suspicion of maintaining contacts outside of the region, a Tibetan source in exile said Friday. News of the incident was delayed in reaching outside media contacts owing

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