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Wang Liqin, the wife of Chinese poet Wang Zang. They reunited for the first time in three years

Wang Zang and his wife reunite for the first time in three years

Photo: Wang Liqin, the wife of Chinese poet Wang Zang (ChinaAid) (Yunnan province— February 28, 2023) Pioneering Chinese poet Wang Zang has been imprisoned for nearly a thousand days. His wife, Wang Liqin, escaped from surveillance personnel stationed on the ground floor of her home. She went to Yunnan No. 2 Prison by car and

Pastor John Cao with his mother, wife, and two sons
Religious Freedom

Pastor John Cao’s mother visits face-to-face for the first time in three years

(Kunming, Yunnan province – February 10, 2023) On Tuesday, Pastor John Cao’s mother visited him in prison. Sun Jinhuan, over 80 years old, had not met with her son face-to-face since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2019. Long awaited visit On the morning of February 7, Christian Jing Ruxia accompanied John Cao’s mother to Kunming No.

Image of Pastor John Cao who was placed in prison on illegal border crossing charges, despite the fact that they had never had trouble before.

John Cao: new translated poem

Photo: Pastor John Cao (ChinaAid source) (ChinaAid—January 13, 2023) Pastor John Cao wrote a new poem in November 2022. ChinaAid received and translated the new untitled piece. John Cao Before his arrest in 2017, Pastor John Cao built bible schools for minority children in Myanmar. The Chinese government became aware of not only his activity

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Christian poet and his wife sentenced

Photo: Wang Zang and his family (Photo: Wang Liqin’s Twitter profile picture)   (Yunnan province—November 14, 2022) – Authorities charged and convicted Chinese poet and painter Wang Zang and his wife Wang Liqin with inciting subversion of state power for their artistic expression and public support of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. After hearing the verdict,

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Christian fined over $20,000 for organizing religious training event

Page one and two of the “Written Decision of Administrative Penalty on Ji Chungang” by Dali Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Dali, Yunnan Province, China—October 17, 2022) Yunnan Province Dali Municipal Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs decided to fine Ji Chungang 150,000 yuan (~20,848 USD) because he organized a religious

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Wang Shunping officially arrested

The arrest notice of Wang Shunping (Photo: ChinaAid source) (Yunnan Province, China—September 30, 2022) On September 27, 2022, the family of Wang Shunping received his official arrest notice. He was detained at Nujiang Fugong County Detention Center.     Wang Shunping is a young minister in Fugong County, Nujiang, Yunnan province. Authorities charged him with

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Millennial Christian suspected of “organizing illegal gatherings” faces official arrest

(Nujiang, Yunnan, China—September 23, 2022) On September 16, Fugong County Bureau of Public Security submitted the application of arresting Wang Shunping to the local procuratorate.  Wang Shunping’s defense lawyer also submitted documents requesting to procuratorate to reject the arrest.    Fugong authorities suspected Wang Shunping—a Christian of the Nu people in Yunnan province— of “organizing


Authorities detained Christians for “organizing and financing illegal gatherings”

(Yunnan province, China —August 22, 2022) According to a prayer request letter dated from the 19th from Dashanli in Nujiang, Wang Shunping, a millennial Christian of the Nu ethnic minority group, was criminally detained on August 17th by the Public Security Bureau of Fugong County, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province, on the grounds of “suspected activities

Image of Pastor John Cao who was placed in prison on illegal border crossing charges, despite the fact that they had never had trouble before.

Visitation for John Cao delayed by COVID— new poem “Unsuccessful Trip”

John Cao, imprisoned since 2018(Photo: ChinaAid source) (Kumin, Yunan province—June 2, 2022) The mother of Pastor John Cao went to see her imprisoned son twice in the last two months. On her first trip, she was denied a virtual visit supposedly due to COVID. John Cao wrote her a poem in response to the rejection.


Poem from John Cao’s mother: “Missing My Son”

(ChinaAid, Midland, TX—May 4, 2022) ChinaAid received a poem from the mother Pastor John Cao. The poem reflects on the five years she has been without her son. Read the full, translated poem below.    John Cao was sentenced to seven years on a baseless charge of “illegally crossing the national border” in March 2018. Prior


Newest letter from John Cao lists his hopes after prison

Pastor John Cao with his family(Photo: ChinaAid source) (Kunming, Yunnan province—March 11, 2022) Recently, Pastor John Cao wrote another letter to his mother Sun Jinhuan, telling her his vision about his life after serving his sentence. He revealed his strong faith and optimism for the future. In his previous letter, he explained that his name


Chen Wensheng arrested by national security agents in Yunnan province

Police officers checking Chen Wensheng’s backpack(Photo: Chen Wensheng’s WeChat Moments) (Yunnan province—March 8, 2022) On the morning of March 5, national security agents arrested street evangelist Chen Wensheng of Hengyang Xiaoqun Church in Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan province.    Chen Wensheng posted an update on his WeChat Moments at 4 a.m., asking

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