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“I implore you to fear God”: An Yankui’s statement in court

Photo: An Yankui after his release from prison (ChinaAid source) (Shanxi, China—December 1, 2022) Preacher An Yankui of Zion Reformed made a brilliant statement in court, declaring his case was a case within a case. He hoped to present his case in a court of conscience and wisdom, and he asked the judge presiding over

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Court upholds fine for Yang Xibo and his wife

Photo: Administrative judgement issued by Jimei District People’s Court (ChinaAid source) (Xiamen, Fujian Province — November 30, 2022) On July 29, 2021, Siming District Religious Affairs Bureau issued a fine of ¥200,000 (~$27,000) against Pastor Yang Xibo, and his wife Wang Xiaofei of Xunsiding Church. The couple filed an administrative litigation against the Religious Affairs Bureau

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Minister An Yankui and Zhang Chenghao released

Photo: Zhang Chenghao (left) and Minister An Yankui from Zion Reformed Church (ChinaAid source) (Taiyuan, China—November 28, 2022) Minister An Yankui and coworker Zhang Chenghao of Zion Reformed Church were released after serving their sentence. Yao Congya, An Yankui’s wife, disclosed that the two ministers could not return to their home and reunite with their wives

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Linfen Covenant House Church shut down

Photo: Announcement issued by Yaodu District government that Linfen Covenant House Church and their school are shut down (Linfen City Yaodu District government)   (Shanxi province—November 22, 2022) Linfen City Yaodu District Bureau of Civil Affairs announced on its website that they shut down Linfen Covenant House Church and Asilan School run by the church.

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ChinaAid’s Bob Fu visits Taiwan

Photo: Bob Fu and Nadine Maenza meet with President of the Legislative Yuan of Taiwan, You Si-kun (ChinaAid) (Taiwan—November 18, 2022) On November 14, Reverend Dr. Bob Fu, president of the China Aid Association, and Ms. Nadine Maenza, president of the International Religious Freedom (IRF) Secretariat, met with Mr. You Si-kun, President of Taiwan’s Legislative


Opinion: the Chinese government’s use of “fraud” charges

Photo: Human rights lawyer Zhang Kai (ChinaAid source) (Zhejiang province – November 15, 2022) Christian human rights lawyer Zhang Kai wrote an article in response to the Chinese government’s frequent use of “fraud” charges against house church pastors and preachers. The same logic behind these incidents is all over the country. If the church is

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Christian stands trial today for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”

Photo: Long Kehai (left) at the trial for Chang Weiping (ChinaAid source)   (Gansu, China—November 16, 2022) Long Kehai, a Christian from Gansu Province, will be in court today for the crime of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles.” Lawyer Zhang Keke received the notice to appear in court on November 15. The letter requires lawyer

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House church member detained after a week of residential surveillance

Photo: Wang Qiang’s criminal detention notice (ChinaAid source) (Linfen, Shanxi Province, China—November 11, 2022) On Wednesday, Wen Huijuan, the wife of Linfen Covenant house church coworker Wang Qiang, received a criminal detention notice from Lifen Municipal Bureau of Public Security. Wang Qiang has been criminally detained and transported to the detention center after a week of

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Chinese Christian fined over $10,000 for renting out venue to Church School

Photo: Subpoena to Huang Yuanda from the Jimei District Court of Xiamen (ChinaAid source) (Xiamen, China—November 10, 2022) Huang Yuanda, a Christian from the Xunsiding Church in Xiamen, was fined ¥100,000 (~$13,800) by the Xiamen Siming District Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau for providing a rented house for the church school to use.    The


Trial for Mount Carmel school teachers held later this month

Photo: Shopify Partners from Burst (Wuhu, Anhui province—November 8, 2022) The cases of Xuande School teachers Wang Minghai and Wan Hongxia have been postponed. The pretrial conference is scheduled for November 13, and the trial will be held on November 25.   On May 27, 2021  Xuande School of Mount Carmel Church—a house church in


International Bar Association recognizes Chinese lawyer Jiang Tianyong

Photo: Jin Bianling, wife of Chinese human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong (Release International) (Henan – November 7, 2022) Chinese human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong has received the 2022 International Bar Association (IBA) Human Rights Award for his extraordinary contributions to defending human rights in China. Over the past decade, he has represented Chinese dissidents and

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Member of Linfen Covenant House Church placed in residential surveillance

Photo: Wang Qiang’s Notice of Residential Surveillance in a Designated Residence (ChinaAid source)    (Linfen, Shanxi province—November 4, 2022) On the morning of November 1, Wang Qiang, a staff member of Linfen Covenant House Church, abruptly lost communication with his family and other believers in the church. Auhtorities placed him under Residential Surveillance at a

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