CCCOWE World Chinese Church Report Electronic Edition Released

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Claudia Cheng
Gospel Herald Reporter
Sat, Aug, 04 2007 09:13 AM PT

Chinese Coordination Center of World Evangelism (CCCOWE) has recently released its “World Chinese Church Report” in electronic edition, which features the overview of the situation of Chinese churches in 41 countries worldwide from 1998 thru 2003.
According to CCCOWE, the “World Chinese Church Report” was spearheaded by Rev. John Kao in 2003, when he entrusted the third world’s Chinese Church censorship project to chairman of the Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association (CCEA) Rev. James Shia.
The draft of the “World Chinese Church Report” was first released as CD-ROM at the 7th Chinese Congress on World Evangelization held in Macau July 2007. It was intended to be reviewed by all CCCOWE regional committee and to make necessary amendment.
After one year time of review, no other countries responded except Singapore. Therefore, the “World Chinese Church Report” is formally completed and released on August 1.
In the past, “World Chinese Church Report” is released in printed format for subscription through mail. However, as it is not efficient economy-wise, CCCOWE has finally decided to release the Report in electronic edition online, so churches, Christian organizations and seminaries worldwide will be able to browse on the internet.
In addition, CCCOWE reflected that the process of statistics gathering was not very efficient because most regions were unable to gather the paper questionnaires. Therefore, CCCOWE is now looking to develop an online system to gather such data directly through the regional offices. This will probably raise both the accuracy and timeliness of the “World Chinese Church Report”.
According to CCCOWE, the process of producing this “World Chinese Church Report” is more important than the product itself. The Report aims to localize the CCCOWE movement in each region through cooperation with CCCOWE staff during the data gathering process.
The entire “World Chinese Church Report” electronic edition is available online at this website: The report is written in Chinese.

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