CHCA Responds to Government Crackdown on House Churches with Appeal for Prayer

Several members of the Chinese House Church Alliance have attempted to visit sister persecuted churches, but have been detained.

November 8, 2009

BEIJING—On October 26th, in preparation for the International Day of Prayer on November 8, the Chinese House Church Alliance appealed to the international community and churches around the world for prayer on behalf of  the persecuted house churches in China. In their letter of appeal, they listed a few of the most severe persecutions of churches and Christians by the Chinese communist government.

They proclaimed that gathering in the name of Jesus should not be restricted by number or place. “Everyone is the priest and is called to [spread the] Gospel to the end of the world.” They objected to the local government’s brutal treatment to the house churches; pointing out the evils of the current government administrations like others throughout history. “It is against God the Creator and the Savior to persecute His people, even the youngest.” They quoted Jeremiah, identifying with passages revealing the church under persecution. They in turn persuaded and warned Chinese authorities, “Therefore my persecutors shall stumble, and they shall not prevail: they shall be greatly ashamed; for they shall not prosper: their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten.”

Read the Full Appeal for the Persecuted Churches by the CHCA, issued October 26.

These strong words reflect the deep pain and struggle Christians face as their freedom of belief crumbles before their eyes. Chinese house churches have come under the attack of a systematic crackdown on religious groups, both registered and unregistered, which has been directed by the Central government in the name of “preserving the social order.” Although authorities have actively persecuted Christians since before the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics the summer of 2008, the recent celebration of the CPC’s 60th year of rule in China inspired a renewed conquest and repression of religious freedom in China.

Chinese House Church Alliance members and Christian human rights lawyers have attempted to travel to visit Fushan Church in Linfen City, Shanxi and other persecuted churches in other provinces, but have been detained and otherwise denied.

ChinaAid denounces the systematic crackdown and calls for the internation community to voice their concerns for Linfen Fushan Church and Shouwang Church, who have recently suffered severe persecution by Chinese religious authorities.

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