Chengdu authorities force Christians from homes

Xu Miaozhuang comforts
two of her children
after their landlord evicted
them. (Photo: ChinaAid)


(Chengdu, Sichuan—March 7, 2019) Chengdu authorities have been pressuring landlords to cancel leases and driving Christians out of their homes.

Guan Yuan, a Christian woman who has faced harassment for her belief in Jesus, even being taken to the police station for questioning when she left home to buy a steamer and accused of being in an “illegal organization” when she gathered with her friends, was forced to move out of her home. She said, “Our landlord has been constantly harassed by the police station…. The landlord originally agreed that we can live here until the end of June, but she has been called on the phone every day, and some calls are even made to her workplace.”

She added, “Today, she said that she has been annoyed to her limitation. She also realized that it is illegal and inappropriate for the government department to make those calls, but she feels she has no choice but to dishonor the signed contract. She asked us to move away as soon as possible.”

Another Christian in Chengdu reported news that Ms. Liu, the rental agent who worked on Guan’s case, had also been harassed and pressured by the authorities, as they went to her office and sealed it.

In addition, Xu Miaozhuang, the wife of a Christian man imprisoned as part of a crackdown on Early Rain Covenant Church, recently posted an advertisement saying that she needed a place to rent as well. Her landlord, who has suffered a variety of harassments from the government, had asked her to move, even though the lease was still in effect.

Desperate, Xu visited the police, seeking their help, but they said they were not aware of the situation and could not provide assistance.

On Saturday, two men approached her to ask about her difficulties, and she told them about the issue, but they also said there was nothing they can do.

Finally, she turned to a well-connected friend and said, “Could you please lend a helping hand at this critical time and provide a room for us, a single mother and her four children? May God bless you with double grace! My requirements for a living space are minimal: just two rooms, because my four children are all boys. They can all live in the same room.”

It is not known whether or not the friend provided her with a home.
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