Children of Detained Australian Christian Businessman in China, Daniel Ng, Write Open Letter to Aust

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Australia-  Joshua and Esther Ng,  son and daughter of Daniel and Eliza Ng, have written an open letter to Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, in hopes of securing their parents’ release from China. Daniel and Eliza Ng, were detained under house arrest in October of 2007, after Chinese officials charged them of committing “illegal business operation and illegal religious activities”. Ng’s company, Enoch Biological Science and Technology, was closed by Chinese offcials soon after his detention.  The Government refuses to allow the Ngs from leaving China, or even to recognize their Australian citizenship.
Daniel Ng has contacted the Australian Consulate in Guangzhou City, in hopes of intervention by the Australian Government with the case. However,  Australian officials have disregarded the Ngs pleas for help, and have stated they are “unable to intervene in business disputes.” Despite the fact that this is a clear case of religious persecution and not illegal business practices, the Australian Government has refused to investigate allegations, and has disregarded the fact that Daniel and Eliza Ng are Australian citizens. Whether out of fear over losing future business ventures in China, or outright apathetic attitude towards religious persecution, the Australian Government has essentially turned its back on two of its own citizens.
It is hoped that Joshua and Ester Ng’s open letter to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, will convince Australian officials to intervene, and pressure the Chinese Government to allow their parents to return safely to Australia.
To read the Ng’s open letter to Prime Minister Rudd [click here]
Issued by China Aid Association 1/14/08

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