China Aid Advisor Met Senior Chinese Officials; Church Activisit Liu Fenggang Released from Prison

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Photo: brother Liu Fenggang with his son before his imprisonment
CAA Advisor Meets Senoir Chinese Officals; Liu Fenggang Released
(Midland, Texas — Feb. 7, 2007) China Aid Advisor Meets Senior Chinese Officials
CAA learned that CAA human rights advisor, Deborah Fikes, former director and spokesperson for the influential Ministerial Alliance of Midland, Texas, finished an extended research gathering trip to Asia from January 22 to 30, 2007. CHINA AID interviewed Ms. Fikes after her return from Beijing where she reported being graciously welcomed in meetings with senior Chinese officials from both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA).    Ms. Fikes reported she visited an official TSPM church in Beijing filled to capacity that regularly hosts four Sunday services.   “It was such an encouragement for me to be able to worship with Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ in such a friendly atmosphere and to also purchase Bibles after the service in the church book store. Compared to what happened during the Cultural Revolution when all of the Chinese churches were closed, there is definitely progress in regards to the issue of religious freedom in China.”
Ms. Fikes also reported meeting with house church leaders and attending a house church service openly. She further stated, ” I am hopeful that Christians who worship in unregistered churches will become better known for praying for God to bless their government leaders and also to lead the way in showing respect and love towards them “.        
Beijing House Church Activist Liu Fenggang Released
CAA learned well-known Beijing house church activist Liu Fenggang was released after serving three years in prison in Zhejiang. Mr. Liu, now 48, was released and returned to his home in Beijing on Febuary 5, 2007. He was arrested on October 13, 2003 and sentenced to 3 years on August 6, 2004 for “providing national intelligence to overseas organizations” by reporting a house church destruction case to overseas Christian organizations. During his improsionment, brother Liu was hospitalized five times for serious heart disease and diabetes. In 1995, before his 2003 arrest and impriosnment, brother Liu spent two years in a labor camp because of his work among house churches. CAA is helping brother Liu receive proper medical care for his conditions. Brother Liu requested Rev. Bob Fu express his gratitutude for the help he and his family received during his impriosnment. “I am very thankful of God’s grace and the prayers and letters from brothers and sisters all over the world,” said brother Liu, “My mom died during my first imprisonment in 1995 and my little son grew a lot without me during the past three years. The suffering my wife and son had to endure is nothing compared to the martyred brothers and sisters in China. I will contniue to stand up for this just cause for which I am called (to seak up for the persecuted).”
Letters to comfort brother can be sent to his home:
Address: Mr. Liu Fenggang and Ms. Bi Yuxia
No. 14, Dong Ba Pai, Yun Qi Chang, Xi San Qi, Haidian District, Beijing, People’s Republic of China(Zip code: 10000)

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