China Aid delivers Christmas packages to persecuted families

Yi minority Christians in China’s
southwestern Yunnan province receive
their gift packages. (Photo: China Aid)

China Aid
By Rachel Ritchie

(Beijing—Dec. 31, 2015) Thanks to the generosity of its supporters, China Aid was able to supply hundreds of persecuted families throughout 24 Chinese provinces with practical gift packages this Christmas.

Families that attend Beijing’s Shouwang Church, which has long been persecuted by authorities, received 206 gift packages on Christmas Eve. The wife of Shouwang Church’s pastor thanked China Aid and said that the Christians’ favorite item was an MP3 player that played stories about Christmas and the Bible.

Items in the gift packages included: a canvas tote bag, a fleece blanket, a kitchen apron, an MP3 player, and reading material, including a copy of the book “The Miracle of Christmas,” by John MacArthur.

There is still time to give to this project. To support China Aid’s mission to encourage the abused by helping persecuted families in China, click here.

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