China Aid's speech at National Press Club on July 16, 2008

China Aid Association
for launching of letter to President Bush
with persecution cases compiled by NTDTV

Good morning. I am Jenny McCloy, director of Advocacy for China Aid Association.  I am grateful for the invitation to participate in this letter to President Bush.
There is strength in unity, and it is an honor to stand in solidarity with these fellow freedom fighters on behalf of those suffering repression and persecution in China.

There is no doubt that China is an amazing and powerful country which has seen growth on many fronts in recent decades. There is no doubt that the tens of thousands of people who attend the Olympic Games next month will be hosted in impressive facilities.
There is no doubt but that, as the Chinese government prepares for the Olympics, they are trying to eliminate any unpredictable or undesirable elements in their society — which unfortunately but clearly includes the unofficial churches.
There is no doubt that as the Olympic Games approach, Chinese government officials have cruelly cracked down on unregistered Protestant Christians, also known as house church Christians.  There has been the largest mass sentencing of house church leaders in 25 years; a level of expulsion of foreign Christians not seen since the 1950’s, and a targeted repression of the Chinese House Church Alliance.
There is no doubt that the Chinese government supports this crackdown: the Ministry of Public Security received Chinese government funding to increase its campaign to eradicate house churches throughout China  – yes, a campaign is conducted against innocent citizens who seek only religious expression to which they have a fundamental right.  China Aid’s recent report surveys the harassment of these persecuted Christians, including the four cases which China Aid included in this letter to President Bush, which is the topic of discussion today.
We encourage President Bush to discuss with President Hu Jintao the specific prisoner cases contained in this letter, in which the imprisoned have clearly experienced egregious violations of their fundamental right to religious freedom. We call on President Bush to ask for the release of these prisoners. We also encourage President Bush to use these cases as a springboard to emphasize the overarching concern that the Chinese government is weakening their nation by regulating the most fundamental right and personal freedom — that of religious affiliation and expression.
There is no doubt that a strong government recognizes that its jurisdictional boundaries do not extend into the personal decision of religion. When both government and citizens recognize and pursue this just objective, they will find strength in that unity. For the sake of a unified China, for the sake of justice with compassion, we submit this letter to President Bush.
Thank you very much.

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