China Aid Vice President joins panel on human rights and religious freedom in China

China Aid vice president Kody Kness,
left, escorted the former student of a
China 18 member to meetings in
Washington, D.C. during another
advocacy effort.
(China Aid Stock Photo)

China Aid
By Brynne Lawrence

(Washington— Nov. 3, 2015) China Aid Vice President Kody Kness will join a panel entitled “A Discussion of Human Rights and Cultural Trends in China Today,” on Nov. 6 at The China Forum, a conference being held in Washington, D.C. Kness will discuss current trends of human rights and religious freedom abuses in China and the response from religious communities and human rights lawyers.

The China Forum is a two-day conference, running from Nov. 5-6, that will gather experts, policy makers, and Chinese scholars to discuss prominent aspects of China’s governance and role in the international community, including issues of security, foreign policy, and international trade. According to The China Forum website, “The goal is to enable Americans to understand China in a more realistic and comprehensive way.”

The conference opens to the public on Nov. 5 and requires an invitation for admission on Nov. 6.

China Aid participates in advocacy related events and conferences such as the China Forum as part of its mission to expose systematic persecution, harassment, torture and imprisonment of human rights lawyers, religious communities and democracy advocates in China.

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