China Cyber Attack Against Christian Organization

To watch and listen to Bob Fu’s comments, click on the following video clips.

In Clip 1, China Aid’s Bob Fu talks about the China cyber attack against his Web sites.

In Clip 2, he discusses “Operation Deterrence.”

In Clip 3, he tells about the Nobel Peace Prize, Liu Xiabo and his family.

From CBN News, Dec. 8, 2010Disturbing new evidence is surfacing that the Chinese government is becoming more aggressive in hacking Christian Web sites outside of China.

Last October, Cyber attacks against Christians gathering for the Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, prevented organizers from streaming their message out on the World Wide Web. Their web site was shut down for the first five days of the gathering and hackers in China were to blame.The hack came at a time when the Lausanne Congress criticized the People’s Republic of China for preventing 200 Chinese Christians from attending the forum. Coincidence?

Now, word comes from the Midland, Texas, based China Aid Association that it too has suffered a Cyber attack from hackers in China. Both its China and English language Web sites were shut down as a result. Another coincidence?

I talked via Skype with China Aid President Bob Fu just before he departed for Oslo, Norway, where he’ll attend Friday’s Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony.

Fu believes the attack came at this time because his Web site has featured information from inside the PRC about the latest Politburo-ordered crackdown against China’s house churches called “Operation Deterrence.”
Some house church leaders say it now appears that the effort has been broadened to include them. The Nobel Peace Prize this year was awarded to Liu Xiabo, a human rights activist currently imprisoned in China, but neither Liu nor any of his family members will be in attendance. China won’t allow it. The Chinese government has criticized the Nobel Committee for awarding the prize to Liu and has asked nations to boycott the ceremony. Some have agreed.

Among the countries you won’t see in attendance at Friday’s ceremony:
Russia, Serbia, Iran, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Philippines, Sudan, Colombia, Cuba, Morocco, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Tunisia

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