China House Church Alliance’s 7th Anniversary Celebration came to a perfect ending, abundantly blessed by Jehovah the Lord

Translated by China Aid Association July 4, 2012

Lianhehui7nian-2On July 4, 2012, over 50 coworkers and  ministry partners from across China met at Nanyang, Henan Province to jointly celebrate the 7th Anniversary of China House Church Alliance, testify to the work of the Association in difficult circumstances over the past seven years and the advancement of the Gospel in China, and give glory to the supreme true God for all accomplishments. 

At 8am, coworkers got together and, Led by Ms. Xie (a pastor’s wife), started singing worship songs to praise our God. Every attendant’s heart was brought to expressing thankfulness to God and the meeting place was filled with praises for the love of God.  Then the President of China House Church Alliance, Zhang Mingxuan, announced that the 7th Anniversary Celebration began. 

Lianhehui7nianFirst of all, the Vice President of the Association, pastor Liu Fenggang from Beijing, gave a greeting speech at the celebration. He said, “In the seven years since the foundation of the Association, God’s protection and preservation made it possible for the Association to take root in China, and furthermore God has built and grown the Association in truth and used it to promote missions work on the road of unity. Hereby, on behalf of China House Church Alliance, I extend sincere gratitude to every coworker and ministry partner God brought to this celebration. At last, let’s witness this beautiful and glorious moment together. May China House Church Alliance triumph under the leadership of God. May it open the door of the Gospel and missions work in China and make the land filled with the glory of God. Let’s give all the glory, power and praise to our almighty God, from now till eternity. Amen!”

Afterwards, coworkers and ministry partners jointly gave glory to God by singing “our God is truly great”.

The third part of the program is worship after the singing. Sun Yuxian, a teacher from Heilongjiang, prayed for the 7th Anniversary Celebration, thanking God for bringing these coworkers together at such a special moment on such a special day. “Thank God for your work in the Association during the past seven years. Thanks to all the coworkers for giving yourself to the ministry. May God use each coworker in the days to come. We’re willing to fight the good fight for the Lord. May God do his miraculous work in his church and bring glory to his name. “

 Lianhehui7nian-3The fourth part is worship with singing accompanied by dancing to commemorate the seven years’ journey of the Association and praise the greatness of out God. We sang “We shall worship Jehovah on the mountain of worship meetings”, “The Holy Spirit leads me on”, “The Holy Spirit is moving here”, “Fellow travelers”, “You are Jesus”, “God is at this place”, and “Five sisters fulfill their duties”. As the dancing and singing progressed in a fast-flowing and orderly manner, God’s glory filled up the meeting site. 

What followed is the sharing of pastor Zhang Mingxuan and other coworkers. He said, “During the seven years, due to the government’s misunderstanding, the Association has undergone battering, suppression, banning, slander, attack, judgment, in addition to misunderstandings on various levels from various partisans, and all kinds of toil and labor. It prevailed through all these challenges by relying on the Lord, which is a witness to the seven years’ rough journey and God’s favor upon us. China House Church Alliance made great achievements in human rights defense ministry, protecting over 100 churches from being outlawed. Through the joint efforts of the Association and other coworkers in rights defense, these churches are able to continue to worship the true God. By defending church’s right of religious freedom, the Association urged the government to use legal means to handle Christian ministry.” Pastor Zhang also explained “religious faith turned into the way of life”, helping coworkers to understand the way of truth so that they would not make repetitive circles in the rules of religion and serve a dispensable faith, but rather turn to the blood connection of life and serve our heavenly father with a son’s mentality. He exposited the origin and development of religion and the status quo of Christianity in China, pointing out the essential differences between religion and Jesus we believe and compelling our hearts to return to the true meaning of “belief in Jesus”, which is indispensable to life. 

At last, it is worth mentioning that Miss Sato, a journalist from Japan’s Hokkaido News was baptized into Christ during the 7th Anniversary Celebration, becoming a child of our heavenly father and a fellow traveler of ours. She also partook in the communion with us at the night of July 3, “eating the flesh of the Lord and drinking his blood”, as a member of the body of Christ and being connected with other members.

As known by all, seven is a perfect number in the Bible. It represents God’s perfection and signifies that the Association is taking a new step forward. Our reflection on the difficulties and hardships during the seven years testifies to the triumph of the Association in the midst of all trials. Counting the blessings in the seven years helps strengthen our feet walking in God’s blessings. Praising God’s presence in the seven years affirms the fruits of the collaborative hard work of brothers and sisters. During the seven years, coworkers’ hearts have truly lived in the life of God and untied in the love of Christ. May the blessings of Jehovah flow into every person’s heart and fills it up!

China House Church Alliance
July 4, 2012

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