China sanctions Hong Kong supporters

(Beijing—Dec. 3, 2019) China has sanctioned organizations that support protesters in Hong Kong.

Millions of people have taken to Hong Kong’s streets over the past months. At first, they opposed a piece of legislation that would allow Hong Kong residents to be taken to the Chinese mainland for trial. After that bill was dropped, they continued to march, asking for the resignation of top officials, among other demands.

On many occasions, these protesters clashed with the police, resulting in injuries. In some cases, police have shot protesters.

Several international organizations have taken the side of the protesters, and China has chosen to sanction them.

Those sanctioned include Freedom House, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, and Human Rights Watch (HRW).

This decision comes on the tail of the U.S. signing a bill that paves the way for actions to be taken against those who violate Hong Kong’s rights.

“Instead of answering the international community’s sincere call for changing course from violent crackdown against freedom-loving Hongkongers, the Chinese communist regime deployed these laughable sanctions against those freedom-and-democracy-promoting NGOs,” said ChinaAid President and Founder Dr. Bob Fu. “Just as we have done for millions of Hongkongers, ChinaAid is proud to stand in absolute solidarity with our partners, such as the NED, Freedom House, and HRW, who are honored to be on the Chinese Communist Party’s sanction list for their peaceful work promoting freedom, human rights, and democracy. ChinaAid calls upon the international community to continue to stand against and speak up to the Chinese communist regime’s brutality against religious freedom and human rights, autonomy in Xinjiang, and liberty in Hong Kong and mainland China.”

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