ChinaAid Response to Chen Guangcheng “Walking Out of US Embassy”

China Aid Association

(Beijing — May 2, 2012) ChinaAid has viewed relevant information released by Chinese government  regarding Chen Guangcheng’s reportedly "walking out of US Embassy’s diplomatic protection on May 2 with his own volition."

ChinaAid President Bob Fu also has received phone calls from Assistant Secretary Mike Posner who is traveling with Secretary Clinton in Beijing for S&ED. Mr Posner indicates he has been accompanying and traveling with the Chen’s family today in Beijing including a hospital visit. Mr Posner reiterates the US commitment for the Chen’s family’s safety and freedom and to reassure that the agreement reached by both government can be followed through so that "Chen’s work, function and legal advocacy can be maintained." 

However ChinaAid also receives reports from reliable source that Chen’s decision for departure from the US Embassy was done reluctantly because "serious threat to his immediate family members were made by Chinese government" if Chen refuses to accept the Chinese government’s offer. And relevant reports show  unfortunately the US side "has abandoned Mr Chen."

"We are deeply concerned about this sad development if the reports about Chen’s involuntary departure(from US Embassy) is true." said Bob Fu, President of ChinaAid who knows 15 hours in advance about this "deal" through reliable sources.

"While we understand Chen’s wish all along was to live as a free man in China, to seek political asylum was not the ideal option as he did not want to be an observer of the fight for reform and the rule of law," said  Fu.  "He has the admiration of the world right now and that will perhaps help keep him safe in the short-term, but I am fearful what  could happen if the world loses interest. The government sees him as a trouble-maker and a threat to their legitimacy, a very serious concern in the aftermath of the Bo Xilai scandal.The free world has a moral imperative and obligation to ensure Chen’s protection, his fight for freedom is one shared by us all."

ChinaAid call upon both the Chinese government and US government to release details of the negotiation deal about Chen and his family so that the international country can hold relevant parties accountable.

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